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Title: Modular OrCAD simulation approach in teaching power electronics
Authors: Darwish, M
Marouchos, C
Keywords: Education in Power Electronics;Modular Simulation;OrCAD;Power Electronics;PSPICE Simulation;Simulation in Power Electronics;UPS
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation: Proceedings of the Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2014
Abstract: In this paper the authors present a new technique which can be used in simulating multi power electronic circuits at the same time in a very accurate way without the worries of the circuit analysis being diverted during the simulation. In this technique each circuits is simulated alone and the output current/voltage waveform(s) of this circuit is presented as a 'wave-form' generator. Then the final multi circuit design will be a collection of these 'wave-form' generators. This technique can be used in teaching power electronics system design for undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels and can also be used in the industry. A UPS system is used as an example in demonstrating this technique but this approach could equally be applicable to other multi circuit design configurations.
ISBN: 9781479965571
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