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Title: Harmonic correction in power supplies feeding non-linear loads
Authors: Dimitriadis, P
Darwish, M
Keywords: Harmonic analysis and Harmonic Distortion;Power electronics;Suggested methods for current correction;The event of Current distortion in AC - CD power supply systems
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation: Proceedings of the Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2014
Abstract: This paper focuses on the design of an electronic circuit which can be used in conjunction with the power supplies used at the input of non-linear loads (computers, TV sets, etc.) in order to filter out the input current harmonics in such loads. The electronic circuit will fill the gaps of the distorted current waveform so that it becomes sinusoidal and also in phase with the mains supply. In this paper different configurations of the proposed electronic circuit are covered (depending on the location with respect to the non-linear load). An optimization algorithm is carried out in order to find the best location, minimum device rating for different type of loads. The proposed circuit monitors the input current, output voltage and power rating of the power supply. The circuit will then decide whether to filter the input current harmonics or the output voltage harmonics. The circuit will also optimize the best switching frequency for the required load so that the power supply operates at the maximum possible efficiency.
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