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Title: Automatic emotional state detection using facial expression dynamic in videos
Authors: Meng, H
Huang, D
Keywords: Facial expression;Emotion detection;Motion dynamic;Affective computing
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Smart Science, 2:4, pp. 202 - 208, 2014
Abstract: In this paper, an automatic emotion detection system is built for a computer or machine to detect the emotional state from facial expressions in human computer communication. Firstly, dynamic motion features are extracted from facial expression videos and then advanced machine learning methods for classification and regression are used to predict the emotional states. The system is evaluated on two publicly available datasets, i.e. GEMEP_FERA and AVEC2013, and satisfied performances are achieved in comparison with the baseline results provided. With this emotional state detection capability, a machine can read the facial expression of its user automatically. This technique can be integrated into applications such as smart robots, interactive games and smart surveillance systems.
ISSN: 2308-0477
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