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Title: Trailing Edge Noise Reduction by Passive and Active Flow Controls
Authors: Kim, JH
Al-Sadawi, L
Vathylakis, A
Chong, TP
Keywords: Porous metal foams (passive control);Dielectric barrier surface plasma actuations (active control);Vortex shedding tonal noises
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Aerospace Research Central, 2014
Abstract: This paper presents the results on the use of porous metal foams (passive control) and dielectric barrier surface plasma actuations (active control) for the reduction of vortex shedding tonal noises from the nonflat plate type trailing edge serration in a NACA0012 airfoil previously discussed in Chong et al. (AIAA J. Vol. 51, 2013, pp. 2665-2677). The use of porous metal foams to fill the interstices between adjacent members of the sawtooth can almost completely suppress the vortex shedding tonal noise, whilst the serration effect on the broadband noise reduction is retained. This concept will promote the nonflat plate type serrated trailing edge to become a genuine alternative to the conventional flat plate type serrated trailing edge, which is known to have drawbacks in the structural stability, aerodynamic performances and implementation issues. For the plasma actuators, configuration which produces electric wind in a tangential direction is found to be not very effective in suppressing the vortices emanated from the serration blunt root. On the other hand, for the plasma configuration which produces electric wind in a vertical direction, good level of vortex shedding tonal noise reduction has been demonstrated. However, the self noise produced by the plasma actuators negates the noise benefits on the tonal noise reduction. This characteristic illustrates the need to further develop the plasma actuators in a two pronged approach. First is to increase the electric wind speed, thereby allowing the plasma actuators to be used in a higher free jet velocity which naturally produces a larger level of jet noise. Second, the self noise radiated by the plasma actuators should be reduced.
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