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Title: Robust Adaptive Intra Refresh for Multiview Video
Authors: Sagir, L
Sadka, AH
Keywords: Adaptive intra refresh;Multiview video coding;Error resilience
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIRCC
Citation: International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA), 4:6, 2014
Abstract: Transmission error propagation in wireless multimedia communication systems has become a recurring problem. This persistent problem has led to grave consequences on the visual quality of the decoded video. It is against this backdrop that, we present an adaptive intra refresh (AIR) error-resilient coding tool to mitigate the effect of transmission error propagation in 3D video communications. This work utilizes periodic insertion of intra macroblocks in badly error-infected frames temporally as well as related frames in the multi view video scheme. Our objective is to maximize the transmission efficiency while ensuring the transmission robustness of the coded bitstream. The selection of periodic macroblocks is based on areas with high motion above a pre-set threshold. The coding modes of the macroblocks are based on the distortion expectation due to transmission errors. Extensive simulation results show significant improvement in both objective and subjective video quality at different intra refresh rates.
ISSN: 2231-0088
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