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Title: Reasoning about goal-directed real-time teleo-reactive programs
Authors: Dongol, B
Hayes, IJ
Robinson, PJ
Keywords: Goal-directed agents;Interval-based logics;Reactive systems;Real-time programs;Rely/guarantee reasoning;Teleo-reactive programming
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer-Verlag London Ltd
Citation: Formal Aspects of Computing, 26:3, pp. 563 - 589, 2014
Abstract: The teleo-reactive programming model is a high-level approach to developing real-time systems that supports hierarchical composition and durative actions. The model is different from frameworks such as action systems, timed automata and TLA+, and allows programs to be more compact and descriptive of their intended behaviour. Teleo-reactive programs are particularly useful for implementing controllers for autonomous agents that must react robustly to their dynamically changing environments. In this paper, we develop a real-time logic that is based on Duration Calculus and use this logic to formalise the semantics of teleo-reactive programs. We develop rely/guarantee rules that facilitate reasoning about a program and its environment in a compositional manner. We present several theorems for simplifying proofs of teleo-reactive programs and present a partially mechanised method for proving progress properties of goal-directed agents. © 2013 British Computer Society.
ISSN: 0934-5043
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