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Title: A critical care monitoring system for depth of anaesthesia analysis based on entropy analysis and physiological information database
Authors: Wei, Q
Li, Y
Fan, S-Z
Liu, Q
Abbod, MF
Lu, C-W
Lin, T-Y
Jen, K-K
Wu, S-J
Shieh, J-S
Keywords: Approximate entropy;Depth of anaesthesia;Multi-scale entropy;Physiologic information database;Sample entropy
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine, 37(3): 591 - 605, (September 2014)
Abstract: Diagnosis of depth of anaesthesia (DoA) plays an important role in treatment and drug usage in the operating theatre and intensive care unit. With the flourishing development of analysis methods and monitoring devices for DoA, a small amount of physiological data had been stored and shared for further researches. In this paper, a critical care monitoring (CCM) system for DoA monitoring and analysis was designed and developed, which includes two main components: a physiologic information database (PID) and a DoA analysis subsystem. The PID, including biologic data and clinical information was constructed through a browser and server model so as to provide a safe and open platform for storage, sharing and further study of clinical anaesthesia information. In the analysis of DoA, according to our previous studies on approximate entropy, sample entropy (SampEn) and multi-scale entropy (MSE), the SampEn and MSE were integrated into the subsystem for indicating the state of patients underwent surgeries in real time because of their stability. Therefore, this CCM system not only supplies the original biological data and information collected from the operating room, but also shares our studies for improvement and innovation in the research of DoA.
ISSN: 0158-9938
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