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Title: Chromium coated silicon nitride electron beam exit window
Authors: Manivannan, N
Balachandran, W
Ribton, C
Beleca, R
Abbod, M
Cox, M
Anastasia, P
Keywords: Electron beam windows;Electron beam processing;Thin membrane;Metal coating
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Vacuum, 113: 19 - 23, (March 2015)
Abstract: A Si3N4 membrane with a thin Cr coating is proposed and demonstrated as an electron beam exit window. On average, 85% electron power transmission efficiency was achieved with a 1 μm thick Si3N4 membrane coated with 1 μm thick Cr and the membrane sustained a beam current of up to 3 mA at 60 keV electron energy for the continuous operation of 3 min. However, for an uncoated membrane of same thickness, the average electron power transmission efficiency was 71% and the maximum beam current sustained was 800 μA. It was also shown that a one micron thick Si3N4 square membrane window of 10 mm × 10 mm could withstand a differential pressure of 1.3 bars.
ISSN: 0042-207X
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