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Title: Data refinement for true concurrency
Authors: Dongol, B
Derrick, J
Keywords: Logic in Computer Science;State-based data refinement;Interval-based reasoning;Interval relations;Generalised forward simulation;Fine-grained atomicity
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 16th International Refinement Workshop
Citation: EPTCS 115(2013): 15-35, Jun 2013
Abstract: The majority of modern systems exhibit sophisticated concurrent behaviour, where several system components modify and observe the system state with fine-grained atomicity. Many systems (e.g., multi-core processors, real-time controllers) also exhibit truly concurrent behaviour, where multiple events can occur simultaneously. This paper presents data refinement defined in terms of an interval-based framework, which includes high-level operators that capture non-deterministic expression evaluation. By modifying the type of an interval, our theory may be specialised to cover data refinement of both discrete and continuous systems. We present an interval-based encoding of forward simulation, then prove that our forward simulation rule is sound with respect to our data refinement definition. A number of rules for decomposing forward simulation proofs over both sequential and parallel composition are developed.
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