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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The design innovation spectrum: An overview of design influences on innovation for manufacturing companiesNa, JH; Choi, Y; Harrison, D
2017Analysis of the sitting posture comfort based on motion capture system and JACK softwareKang, J; Qing, T; Wen-lei, S
2017Emerging Trends in Design Management Education in the UKLam, B; Choi, Y
2017A study of 3D printed flexible supercapacitors onto silicone rubber substratesXu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Areir, M
20173D printing of highly flexible supercapacitor designed for wearable energy storageXu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Areir, M
2017NOx abatement form the exhaust of a diesel engine with non-thermal plasma and Ag/Al2O3 catalysManivannan, N; Balachandran, W; Agozzino, G; Jayamurthy, M; Brennen, D; Abbod, M
2017Effect of Driving Context On Design DialogueGiuliano, L; Germak, C; Giacomin, J
2016Automotive Habitat Laboratory: a facility for automotive co-design.Gkatzidou, V; Giacomin, J; Skrypchuk, L
2016A conceptual framework for inclusive digital storytelling to increase diversity and motivation for cultural tourism in ThailandKasemsarn, K; Nickpour, F
2017Supporting Sustainable Product-Service System Implementation through Distributed ManufacturingPetrulaityte, A; Ceschin, F; Pei, E; Harrison, D
2017A study of 3D printed active carbon electrode for the manufacture of electric double-layer capacitorsAreir, M; Xu, Y; Zhang, R; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Pei, E
2016Building social capital through creative placemakingSpinelli, G; Kelkar, NP
2016Actualizing agency through smart products: Smart materials and metaphors in support of the ageing population.Spinelli, G; Micocci, M; Ajovalasit, M
2016Edge quality in Fused Deposition Modeling: II. Experimental verificationCavallaro, M; Armillotta, A
2017Edge quality in Fused Deposition Modeling: I. Definition and analysisCavallaro, M; Armillotta, A
2015Better Service Design for Greater Civic EngagementLam, B; Chen, YP; Whittle, J; Binner, J; Lawlor-Wright, T
2016Strategic Design Versus Silent Design: A ReckoningShams, M; Lam, B
2016Learning from Nature: Design Drives EvolutionLam, B; Fininis, N
2016Experimental Design to Optimise Electrical Performance of Strip SupercapacitorsHarrison, DJ; Xu, Y; Zhang, R
2016Supporting SMEs in designing product-service systems applied to distributed renewable energy: Design framework and cardsEmili, S; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D
2016System design for sustainable energy for all: A new knowledge base and know-how developed within the LeNSes European and African projectVezzoli, C; Bacchetti, E; Ceschin, F; Diehl, JC; Moalosi, R; M'Rithaa, MK; Nakazibwe, V; Osanjo, L; Costa, F
2016Visualising product-service systems applied to distributed renewable energy: The energy system mapEmili, S; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D
2016Beyond accessible mobility: Insights into psychosocial inclusivity dimensions in personal transportLim, Y; Nickpour, F; Giacomin, J
2016A study of the electrochemical performance of strip supercapacitors under bending conditionsZhang, R; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Southee, D
2016The eClinical Care Pathway Framework: A novel structure for creation of online complex clinical care pathways and its application in the management of sexually transmitted infections.Gibbs, J; Sutcliffe, LJ; Gkatzidou, V; Hone, K; Ashcroft, RE; Harding-Esch, EM; Lowndes, CM; Sadiq, ST; Sonnenberg, P; Estcourt, CS
2016Impedance and resistance of carbon ink during cureSamano, A; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Hunt, C; Wickham, M; Thomas, O
2016Evolution of Design for Sustainability: From Product Design to Design for System Innovations and TransitionsCeschin, F; Gaziulusoy, IA
2016A manufacturing process for an energy storage device using 3D printingTanwilaisiri, A; Zhang, R; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J
2015Mmokolodi solar PV project – Demonstrating sustainable renewable energy system design and potential for Botswana rural electrificationKiravu, K; Emili, S; Magole, L; Jeffrey, AM; Mbekomize, C; Matlotse, E; Rakgati, E; Oladiran, TM; Tsamaatse, K; Ceschin, F
2015The challenges of widening ‘legitimate’ understandings of ability within physical educationCroston, A; Hills, L
2015An African-European network of design universities fostering the goal of sustainable energy for allVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Osanjo, L; M'Rithaa, MK; Moalosi, R; Nakazibwe, V; Diehl, JC
2016Design for sustainability: An evolutionary reviewCeschin, F; Gaziulusoy, IA
2016Product-Service System applied to Distributed Renewable Energy. A classification system, 15 archetypal models and a strategic design toolEmili, S; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D
2016Supporting SMEs in designing sustainable business models for energy access for the BoP: a strategic design toolEmili, S; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D
2016The influence of work placement on the academic achievement of undergraduate design studentsCeschin, F; Rakowski, R; de Vere, I
2016Investigation of the effects of thermal, oxidative and irradiation treatments on the behavior of poly(ethylene glycol) as a phase change material in thermal energy storage systemsJouhara, H; Ajji, Z
20144D Printing – Dawn of an Emerging Technology CyclePei, E
2015Digital Sketching and Haptic Sketch Modelling during Product Design and DevelopmentEvans, MA; Pei, E; Cheshire, D; Graham, IJ
2015Cultural-based visual expression: Emotional analysis of human face via Peking Opera Painted Faces (POPF)Wang, D; Kang, J; Qin, SF; Birringer, J
2015Multilayer supercapacitor threads for woven flexible circuitsQiu, F; Harrison, DJ
2015Fabrication and characterization of smart fabric using energy storage fibresZhang, R; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Southee, D; Tanwilaisiri, A
2015A Consumer-Centric Open Innovation Framework for Food and Packaging ManufacturingTsimiklis, P; Ceschin, F; Green, S; Qin, SF; Song, J; Baurley, S; Rodden, T; Makatsoris, C
2014A first approach to understanding and measuring naturalness in driver-car interactionRamm, S; Giacomin, J; Robertson, D; Malizia, A
2014What is human centred design?Giacomin, J
2015Using social engagement to inspire design learningde Vere, I; Phillips, R
2014A New Consumerism: The influence of social technologies on product designde Vere, I
2015The role of socio-technical experiments in introducing sustainable Product-Service System innovationsCeschin, F
2010Enhancing enterprise in undergraduate design major projectsGreen, S
2015New design challenges to widely implement 'Sustainable Product-Service Systems'Vezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Diehl, JC; Kohtala, C
2015Sustainable Product-Service System Design applied to Distributed Renewable Energy fostering the goal of sustainable energy for allVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Diehl, JC
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 444