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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016When Acts Speak Louder than Words: On Lacan's Theory of Action in Psychoanalytic PracticeNobus, DM
2017Perversion in the 21st Century: A Psychoanalytic Conundrum-
2016Psychoanalysis as gai saber: Toward a New Episteme of LaughterNobus, DM
2017Undoing Psychoanalysis: Towards a Clinical and Conceptual MetistopiaNobus, DM
2017The ReSiT study (reducing sitting time): rationale and protocol for an exploratory pilot study of an intervention to reduce sitting time among office workersGardner, B; Dewitt, S; Smith, L; Buckley, JP; Biddle, SJH; Mansfield, L
-Enhanced cognitive femtocell approach for co-channel downlink interference avoidanceCosmas, JP; Khwandah, S; Glover, I; Lazaridis, P; Zaharis, Z
2017How effective are interventions to improve social outcomes among offenders with personality disorder: a systematic reviewMcKay, EA; Connell, C; Furtado, V; SIngh, S
2017Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for neuropathic pain in adultsGibson, W; Wand, BM; O'Connell, NE
2017A Recombinant Fragment of Human Surfactant Protein D Suppresses Basophil Activation, Th2 and B Cell Responses in Grass Pollen-induced Allergic InflammationSingh, I; Pathan, AA; Layhadi, JA; Parkin, R; Alexandra, F; Durham, SR; Kishore, U; Shamji, MH
2017Schema Theory Based Data Engineering in Gene Expression Programming for Big Data AnalyticsHuang, Z; Chousidis, C; Mousavi, A; Jiang, C
2017Measuring changes in functional ability in older children and young people with acquired brain injury using the UK FIM+FAMFrater, T; Austin, D; Wales, L; Dunford, C
-The functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) procedure as experienced by healthy participants and stroke patients - A pilot studySzameitat, AJ; Shen, S; Sterr, A
-Meta-QSAR: a large-scale application of meta-learning to drug design and discoverySadawi, N; Grosan, C; Bickerton, R; Vanschoren, J; Soldatova, L; King, R
2017Burden on family caregivers of the elderly in oncologic palliative careRezende, G; Gomes, CA; Rugno, FC; Eva, G; Lima, NKC; De Carlo, MMRP
2017Whole-body heat stress and exercise stimulate the appearance of platelet microvesicles in plasma with limited influence of vascular shear stressGonzález-Alonso, J; Chiesa, ST; Trangmar, SJ; Kalsi, KK; Rakobowchuk, M
2017Using the eSexual Health Clinic to access chlamydia treatment and care via the internet: a qualitative interview study.Gibbs, J; Tickle, LJ; Hone, K; Harding-Esch, EM; Mercer, CH; Sonnenberg, P; Sadiq, ST; Estcourt, CS; Shahmanesh, M
2017Do mental health "anti-stigma" campaigns work? #IAMWHOLE-
2017The Prevalence of Dysfunctional Breathing and its Association with Personality Type in a University PopulationJones, MO; Thain, A; Silva Vidotto, L; Harvey, A
2017Metabolic signatures of birthweight in 18 288 adolescents and adultsWang, Q; Niironen, M; Tynkkynen, T; Tiainen, M; Drenos, F; Kangas, AJ; Soininen, P; Skilton, MR; Heikkilä, K; Pouta, A; Kähönen, M; Lehtimäki, T; Rose, RJ; Kajantie, E; Perola, M; Kaprio, J; Eriksson, JG; Raitakari, OT; Lawlor, DA; Davey Smith, G; Järvelin, M-R; Ala-Korpela, M; Auro, K
2017Child undernutrition: opportunities beyond the first 1000 daysGeorgiadis, A; Penny, ME
2017Financial Abuse of People Lacking Mental Capacity: A Report to the Dawes TrustDalley, G; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Harries, P; Levi, M
2017Uptake and Metabolism of Human Pharmaceuticals by Fish - A Case Study with the Opioid Analgesic Tramadol.Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Huerta, B; Runnalls, TJ; Nomiyama, K; Kunisue, T; Tanabe, S; Sumpter, JP
2017The use of evidence-based guidance to enable reliable and accurate measurements of the home environmentSpiliotopoulou, G; Atwal, A; McIntyre, A
2017A Human Mixture Risk Assessment for Neurodevelopmental Toxicity Associated with Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers Used as Flame Retardants.Martin, OV; Evans, RM; Faust, M; Kortenkamp, A
2017A Quality-Centered Analysis of Eye Tracking Data in Foveated RenderingLi, Y; thorsten, R; weier, M; hinkenjann, A; slusallek, P
2016Thematic issue of the Second combined Bio-ontologies and Phenotypes WorkshopVerspoor, K; Oellrich, A; Collier, N; Groza, T; Rocca-Serra, P; Soldatova, L; Dumontier, M; Shah, N
2017Lesion characteristics driving right-hemispheric language reorganization in congenital left-hemispheric brain damageLidzba, K; de Haan, B; Wilke, M; Krägeloh-Mann, I; Staudt, M
2015Neural Correlates of Spatial Attention and Target Detection in a Multi-Target Environmentde Haan, B; Bither, M; Brauer, A; Karnath, H-O
2015Early sensory processing in right hemispheric stroke patients with and without extinctionde Haan, B; Stoll, T; Karnath, H-O
2017Does wearable technology affect adolescents’ motivation to be physically active?Kerner, C; Goodyear, VA
2017Endocrine Disruption in Human Fetal Testis Explants by Individual and Combined Exposures to Selected Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, and Environmental PollutantsGaudriault, P; Mazaud-Guittot, S; Lavoué, V; Coiffec, I; Lesné, L; Dejucq-Rainsford, N; Scholze, M; Kortenkamp, A; Jégou, B
2013Abnormal perilesional BOLD signal is not correlated with stroke patients' behaviorde Haan, B; Rorden, C; Karnath, H-O
1999Follow up of breast cancer in primary care vs specialist care: results of an economic evaluationGrunfeld, E; Gray, A; Mant, D; Yudkin, P; Adewuyi-Dalton, R; Coyle, D; Cole, D; Stewart, J; Fitzpatrick, R; Vessey, M
2012Achieving the "triple aim" for inborn errors of metabolism: a review of challenges to outcomes research and presentation of a new practice-based evidence frameworkPotter, BK; Chakraborty, P; Kronick, JB; Wilson, K; Coyle, D; Feigenbaum, A; Geraghty, MT; Karaceper, MD; Little, J; Mhanni, A; Mitchell, JJ; Siriwardena, K; Wilson, BJ; Syrowatka, A
2015Network meta-analysis incorporating randomized controlled trials and non-randomized comparative cohort studies for assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments: Challenges and opportunitiesCameron, C; Fireman, B; Hutton, B; Clifford, T; Coyle, D; Wells, G; Dormuth, CR; Platt, R; Toh, S
2010Similarity grouping and repetition blindness are both influenced by attentionRorden, C
2015Scoping review of patient- and family-oriented outcomes and measures for chronic pediatric disease.Karaceper, MD; Trakadis, Y; Mitchell, JJ; Chakraborty, P; Tingley, K; Coyle, D; Grosse, SD; Kronick, JB; Laberge, A-M; Little, J; Prasad, C; Sikora, L; Siriwardena, K; Sparkes, R; Speechley, KN; Stockler, S; Wilson, BJ; Wilson, K; Zayed, R; Potter, BK; Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network
2017Social structures, power and resistance in monist sociology: (new) materialist insightsAlldred, P; Fox, NJ
2017A systematic review of evidence for fitness-to-drive among people with the mental health conditions of schizophrenia, stress/anxiety disorder, depression, personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.Unsworth, CA; Baker, AM; Man, SO; Harries, PA; O'Neill, D
2014Economic evaluation of a hospital-initiated intervention for smokers with chronic disease, in Ontario, CanadaMullen, K-A; Coyle, D; Manuel, D; Nguyen, HV; Ba', P; Pipe, AL; Reid, RD
2017Relationship of performance on the sensory organization test to landing characteristicsJohnson, CD; Williams, VJ; Heebner, NR; Wohleber, MF; Simonson, AJ; Rafferty, DM; Reinert, A; Sell, TC
2015Programming of metabolic effects in C57BL/6JxFVB mice by in utero and lactational exposure to perfluorooctanoic acidSales, LB; Dolle, MET; Hakansson, H; Herlin, M; Legler, J; van der Ven, LTM
2017Head flexion and different walking speeds do not affect gait stability in older femalesMaslivec, A; Bampouras, TM; Dewhurst, S
2017Changing physical activity behaviour for people with multiple sclerosis: protocol of a randomised controlled feasibility trial (iStep-MS)Ryan, J; Fortune, J; Stennett, A; Kilbride, C; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Hendrie, W; Abdul, M; deSouza, L; Lavelle, G; Brewin, D; David, L; Norris, M
2008Biomechanics of the long jumpLinthorne, NP
2017Non-canonical WNT/PCP signalling in cancer: Fzd6 takes centre stage.corda, G
2017Generation of a novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate targeting endosialin: potent and durable antitumor response in sarcomaSala, A
2017Structure of Equilenin at 100 K: an estrone related steroidMacNicol, DD
2016A global reference for human genetic variationAltshuler, DM; Durbin, RM; Abecasis, GR; Bentley, DR; Chakravarti, A; Clark, AG; Donnelly, P; Eichler, EE; Flicek, P; Gabriel, SB; Gibbs, RA; Lienhard, M; Mertes, F; Sultan, M; Timmermann, B; Yaspo, M-L; Mardis, ER; Wilson, RK; Fulton, L; Fulton, R; Sherry, ST; Green, ED; Ananiev, V; Belaia, Z; Beloslyudtsev, D; Bouk, N; Chen, C; Church, D; Cohen, R; Cook, C; Garner, J; Hefferon, T; Hurles, ME; Kimelman, M; Liu, C; Lopez, J; Meric, P; O'Sullivan, C; Ostapchuk, Y; Phan, L; Ponomarov, S; Schneider, V; Shekhtman, E; Knoppers, BM; Sirotkin, K; Slotta, D; Zhang, H; McVean, GA; Durbin, RM; Balasubramaniam, S; Burton, J; Danecek, P; Keane, TM; Kolb-Kokocinski, A; Korbel, JO; McCarthy, S; Stalker, J; Quail, M; Schmidt, JP; Davies, CJ; Gollub, J; Webster, T; Wong, B; Zhan, Y; Auton, A; Lander, ES; Campbell, CL; Kong, Y; Marcketta, A; Gibbs, RA; Yu, F; Antunes, L; Bainbridge, M; Muzny, D; Sabo, A; Huang, Z; Lee, C; Wang, J; Coin, LJM; Fang, L; Guo, X; Jin, X; Li, G; Li, Q; Li, Y; Li, Z; Lin, H; Lehrach, H; Liu, B; Luo, R; Shao, H; Xie, Y; Ye, C; Yu, C; Zhang, F; Zheng, H; Zhu, H; Alkan, C; Mardis, ER; Dal, E; Kahveci, F; Marth, GT; Garrison, EP; Kural, D; Lee, W-P; Leong, WF; Stromberg, M; Ward, AN; Wu, J; Marth, GT; Zhang, M; Daly, MJ; DePristo, MA; Handsaker, RE; Altshuler, DM; Banks, E; Bhatia, G; del Angel, G; Gabriel, SB; Genovese, G; McVean, GA; Gupta, N; Li, H; Kashin, S; Lander, ES; McCarroll, SA; Nemesh, JC; Poplin, RE; Yoon, SC; Lihm, J; Makarov, V; Nickerson, DA; Clark, AG; Gottipati, S; Keinan, A; Rodriguez-Flores, JL; Korbel, JO; Rausch, T; Fritz, MH; Stuetz, AM; Flicek, P; Beal, K; Schmidt, JP; Clarke, L; Datta, A; Herrero, J; McLaren, WM; Ritchie, GRS; Smith, RE; Zerbino, D; Zheng-Bradley, X; Sabeti, PC; Shlyakhter, I; Sherry, ST; Schaffner, SF; Vitti, J; Cooper, DN; Ball, EV; Stenson, PD; Bentley, DR; Barnes, B; Bauer, M; Cheetham, RK; Cox, A; Wang, J; Eberle, M; Humphray, S; Kahn, S; Murray, L; Peden, J; Shaw, R; Kenny, EE; Batzer, MA; Konkel, MK; Walker, JA; Wilson, RK; MacArthur, DG; Lek, M; Sudbrak, R; Amstislavskiy, VS; Herwig, R; Mardis, ER; Ding, L; Koboldt, DC; Larson, D; Ye, K; Gibbs, RA; Gravel, S; Swaroop, A; Chew, E; Lappalainen, T; Erlich, Y; Gymrek, M; Willems, TF; Simpson, JT; Shriver, MD; Rosenfeld, JA; Boerwinkle, E; Bustamante, CD; Montgomery, SB; De La Vega, FM; Byrnes, JK; Carroll, AW; DeGorter, MK; Lacroute, P; Maples, BK; Martin, AR; Moreno-Estrada, A; Doddapaneni, H; Shringarpure, SS; Zakharia, F; Halperin, E; Baran, Y; Lee, C; Cerveira, E; Hwang, J; Malhotra, A; Plewczynski, D; Radew, K; Han, Y; Romanovitch, M; Zhang, C; Hyland, FCL; Craig, DW; Christoforides, A; Homer, N; Izatt, T; Kurdoglu, AA; Sinari, SA; Squire, K; Korchina, V; Sherry, ST; Xiao, C; Sebat, J; Antaki, D; Gujral, M; Noor, A; Ye, K; Burchard, EG; Hernandez, RD; Gignoux, CR; Kovar, C; Haussler, D; Katzman, SJ; Kent, WJ; Howie, B; Ruiz-Linares, A; Dermitzakis, ET; Devine, SE; Goncalo, RA; Kang, HM; Kidd, JM; Lee, S; Blackwell, T; Caron, S; Chen, W; Emery, S; Fritsche, L; Fuchsberger, C; Jun, G; Li, B; Lyons, R; Scheller, C; Muzny, D; Sidore, C; Song, S; Sliwerska, E; Taliun, D; Tan, A; Welch, R; Wing, MK; Zhan, X; Awadalla, P; Hodgkinson, A; Reid, JG; Li, Y; Shi, X; Quitadamo, A; Lunter, G; McVean, GA; Marchini, JL; Myers, S; Churchhouse, C; Delaneau, O; Gupta-Hinch, A; Zhu, Y; Kretzschmar, W; Iqbal, Z; Mathieson, I; Menelaou, A; Rimmer, A; Xifara, DK; Oleksyk, TK; Fu, Y; Liu, X; Xiong, M; Wang, J; Jorde, L; Witherspoon, D; Xing, J; Eichler, EE; Browning, BL; Browning, SR; Hormozdiari, F; Sudmant, PH; Khurana, E; Durbin, RM; Chang, Y; Hurles, ME; Tyler-Smith, C; Albers, CA; Ayub, Q; Balasubramaniam, S; Chen, Y; Colonna, V; Danecek, P; Jostins, L; Keane, TM; Feng, Q; McCarthy, S; Walter, K; Xue, Y; Gerstein, MB; Abyzov, A; Balasubramanian, S; Chen, J; Clarke, D; Fu, Y; Harmanci, AO; Fang, X; Jin, M; Lee, D; Liu, J; Mu, XJ; Zhang, J; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Luo, R; Zhu, H; Alkan, C; Guo, X; Dal, E; Kahveci, F; Marth, GT; Garrison, EP; Kural, D; Lee, W-P; Ward, AN; Wu, J; Zhang, M; McCarroll, SA; Jian, M; Handsaker, RE; Altshuler, DM; Banks, E; Del Angel, G; Genovese, G; Hartl, C; Li, H; Kashin, S; Nemesh, JC; Shakir, K; Jiang, H; Yoon, SC; Lihm, J; Makarov, V; Degenhardt, J; Korbel, JO; Fritz, MH; Meiers, S; Raeder, B; Rausch, T; Stuetz, AM; Jin, X; Flicek, P; Casale, FP; Clarke, L; Smith, RE; Stegle, O; Zheng-Bradley, X; Bentley, DR; Barnes, B; Cheetham, RK; Eberle, M; Lan, T; Humphray, S; Kahn, S; Murray, L; Shaw, R; Lameijer, E-W; Batzer, MA; Konkel, MK; Walker, JA; Ding, L; Hall, I; Li, G; Ye, K; Lacroute, P; Lee, C; Cerveira, E; Malhotra, A; Hwang, J; Plewczynski, D; Radew, K; Romanovitch, M; Zhang, C; Li, J; Craig, DW; Homer, N; Church, D; Xiao, C; Sebat, J; Antaki, D; Bafna, V; Michaelson, J; Ye, K; Devine, SE; Li, Y; Gardner, EJ; Abecasis, GR; Kidd, JM; Mills, RE; Dayama, G; Emery, S; Jun, G; Shi, X; Quitadamo, A; Lunter, G; Liu, S; McVean, GA; Chen, K; Fan, X; Chong, Z; Chen, T; Witherspoon, D; Xing, J; Eichler, EE; Chaisson, MJ; Hormozdiari, F; Liu, X; Huddleston, J; Malig, M; Nelson, BJ; Sudmant, PH; Parrish, NF; Khurana, E; Hurles, ME; Blackburne, B; Lindsay, SJ; Ning, Z; Lu, Y; Walter, K; Zhang, Y; Gerstein, MB; Abyzov, A; Chen, J; Clarke, D; Lam, H; Mu, XJ; Sisu, C; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Zhang, Y; Gibbs, RA; Yu, F; Bainbridge, M; Challis, D; Evani, US; Kovar, C; Lu, J; Muzny, D; Nagaswamy, U; Tang, M; Reid, JG; Sabo, A; Yu, J; Guo, X; Li, W; Li, Y; Wu, R; Marth, GT; Garrison, EP; Leong, WF; Wang, B; Ward, AN; del Angel, G; DePristo, MA; Gabriel, SB; Gupta, N; Hartl, C; Poplin, RE; Clark, AG; Rodriguez-Flores, JL; Flicek, P; Wang, G; Clarke, L; Smith, RE; Zheng-Bradley, X; MacArthur, DG; Mardis, ER; Fulton, R; Koboldt, DC; Gravel, S; Bustamante, CD; Craig, DW; Wu, H; Christoforides, A; Homer, N; Izatt, T; Sherry, ST; Xiao, C; Dermitzakis, ET; Abecasis, GR; Kang, HM; McVean, GA; Gerstein, MB; Wu, R; Balasubramanian, S; Habegger, L; Yu, H; Flicek, P; Clarke, L; Cunningham, F; Dunham, I; Zerbino, D; Zheng-Bradley, X; Lage, K; Xu, X; Jespersen, JB; Horn, H; Montgomery, SB; DeGorter, MK; Khurana, E; Tyler-Smith, C; Chen, Y; Colonna, V; Xue, Y; Gerstein, MB; Yin, Y; Balasubramanian, S; Fu, Y; Kim, D; Auton, A; Marcketta, A; Desalle, R; Narechania, A; Sayres, MAW; Garrison, EP; Handsaker, RE; Zhang, D; Kashin, S; McCarroll, SA; Rodriguez-Flores, JL; Flicek, P; Clarke, L; Zheng-Bradley, X; Erlich, Y; Gymrek, M; Willems, TF; Bustamante, CD; Zhang, W; Mendez, FL; Poznik, GD; Underhill, PA; Lee, C; Cerveira, E; Malhotra, A; Romanovitch, M; Zhang, C; Abecasis, GR; Coin, L; Zhao, J; Shao, H; Mittelman, D; Tyler-Smith, C; Ayub, Q; Banerjee, R; Cerezo, M; Chen, Y; Fitzgerald, T; Louzada, S; Massaia, A; Zhao, M; McCarthy, S; Ritchie, GR; Xue, Y; Yang, F; Gibbs, RA; Kovar, C; Kalra, D; Hale, W; Muzny, D; Reid, JG; Zheng, X; Wang, J; Dan, X; Guo, X; Li, G; Li, Y; Ye, C; Zheng, X; Altshuler, DM; Flicek, P; Clarke, L; Lander, ES; Zheng-Bradley, X; Bentley, DR; Cox, A; Humphray, S; Kahn, S; Sudbrak, R; Albrecht, MW; Lienhard, M; Larson, D; Craig, DW; Altshuler, DM; Izatt, T; Kurdoglu, AA; Sherry, ST; Xiao, C; Haussler, D; Abecasis, GR; McVean, GA; Durbin, RM; Balasubramaniam, S; Keane, TM; Gabriel, SB; McCarthy, S; Stalker, J; Chakravarti, A; Knoppers, BM; Abecasis, GR; Barnes, KC; Beiswanger, C; Burchard, EG; Bustamante, CD; Cai, H; Gupta, N; Cao, H; Durbin, RM; Gerry, NP; Gharani, N; Gibbs, RA; Gignoux, CR; Gravel, S; Henn, B; Jones, D; Jorde, L; Gharani, N; Kaye, JS; Keinan, A; Kent, A; Kerasidou, A; Li, Y; Mathias, R; McVean, GA; Moreno-Estrada, A; Ossorio, PN; Parker, M; Toji, LH; Resch, AM; Rotimi, CN; Royal, CD; Sandoval, K; Su, Y; Sudbrak, R; Tian, Z; Tishkoff, S; Toji, LH; Tyler-Smith, C; Gerry, NP; Via, M; Wang, Y; Yang, H; Yang, L; Zhu, J; Bodmer, W; Bedoya, G; Ruiz-Linares, A; Cai, Z; Gao, Y; Resch, AM; Chu, J; Peltonen, L; Garcia-Montero, A; Orfao, A; Dutil, J; Martinez-Cruzado, JC; Oleksyk, TK; Barnes, KC; Mathias, RA; Hennis, A; Flicek, P; Watson, H; McKenzie, C; Qadri, F; LaRocque, R; Sabeti, PC; Zhu, J; Deng, X; Sabeti, PC; Asogun, D; Folarin, O; Barker, J; Happi, C; Omoniwa, O; Stremlau, M; Tariyal, R; Jallow, M; Joof, FS; Corrah, T; Rockett, K; Kwiatkowski, D; Kooner, J; Clarke, L; Tran, TH; Dunstan, SJ; Nguyen, TH; Fonnie, R; Garry, R; Kanneh, L; Moses, L; Sabeti, PC; Schieffelin, J; Grant, DS; Gil, L; Gallo, C; Poletti, G; Saleheen, D; Rasheed, A; Brook, LD; Felsenfeld, A; McEwen, JE; Vaydylevich, Y; Green, ED; Duncanson, A; Hunt, SE; Dunn, M; Schloss, JA; Wang, J; Yang, H; Auton, A; Brooks, LD; Durbin, RM; Garrison, EP; Kang, HM; Korbel, JO; Kelman, G; Marchini, JL; McCarthy, S; McVean, GA; Abecasis, GR; Kulesha, E; Leinonen, R; McLaren, WM; Radhakrishnan, R; Roa, A; Smirnov, D; Smith, RE; Streeter, I; Thormann, A; Toneva, I; Vaughan, B; Zheng-Bradley, X; Bentley, DR; Grocock, R; Humphray, S; James, T; Kingsbury, Z; Lehrach, H; Sudbrak, R; Albrecht, MW; Amstislavskiy, VS; Borodina, TA
2013Integrative Annotation of Variants from 1092 Humans: Application to Cancer GenomicsKhurana, E; Fu, Y; Colonna, V; Mu, XJ; Kang, HM; Lappalainen, T; Sboner, A; Lochovsky, L; Chen, J; Harmanci, A; Das, J; Abyzov, A; Balasubramanian, S; Beal, K; Chakravarty, D; Challis, D; Chen, Y; Clarke, D; Clarke, L; Cunningham, F; Evani, US; Flicek, P; Fragoza, R; Garrison, E; Gibbs, R; Guemues, ZH; Herrero, J; Kitabayashi, N; Kong, Y; Lage, K; Liluashvili, V; Lipkin, SM; MacArthur, DG; Marth, G; Muzny, D; Pers, TH; Ritchie, GRS; Rosenfeld, JA; Sisu, C; Wei, X; Wilson, M; Xue, Y; Yu, F; Dermitzakis, ET; Yu, H; Rubin, MA; Tyler-Smith, C; Gerstein, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 602