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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Riverine fish diversity varies according to geographical isolation and land use modificationNicol, E; Stevens, JR; Jobling, S
2016Evolutionary Epistemology: Reviewing and Reviving with New Data the Research Programme for Distributed Biological IntelligenceSlijepcevic, P
2017A hitchhiker's guide to lesion-behaviour mappingde Haan, B; Karnath, H-O
2017Legacy, resource mobilisation and the olympic movementGirginov, V
2016LInking EDCs in maternal Nutrition to Child health (LINC study) – protocol for prospective cohort to study early life exposure to environmental chemicals and child healthde Cock, M; Quaak, I; Sugeng, EJ; Legler, J; van de Bor, M
2017Sustaining What?: Scarcity, Growth and the Natural Order in the Discourse on SustainabilityDale, G
2016The relationship between unhealthy food sales, socio-economic deprivation and childhood weight status: Results of a cross-sectional study in EnglandHarrison, F; Yamoah, F; Fearne, A; Jones, A
2017CDK1 and PLK1 co-ordinate the disassembly and re-assembly of the Nuclear Envelope in vertebrate mitosisVagnarelli, P; Sales Gil, R; de Castro, I; Ligammari, L; Di Giacinto, ML
2017The effectiveness of school-based physical activity interventions for adolescent girls: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Owen, MB; Curry, WB; Kerner, C; Newson, L; Fairclough, SJ
2017Systematic review and meta-analysis of early life exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and obesity related outcomes in rodentsWassenaar, PNH; Legler, J
2017Ecm22 and Upc2 regulate yeast mating through control of expression of the mating genes PRM1 and PRM4Hoefken, T
2017SOX11 promotes invasive growth and ductal carcinoma in situ progressionOliemuller, E; Kogata, N; Bland, P; Kriplani, D; Daley, F; Haider, S; Shah, V; Sawyer, EJ; Howard, BA
2013Performance on the Frontal Assessment Battery is sensitive to frontal lobe damage in stroke patientsKopp, B; Roesser, N; Tabeling, S; Stuerenburg, HJ; de Haan, B; Karnath, H-O; Wessel, K
2014Disorganized behavior on Link's cube test is sensitive to right hemispheric frontal lobe damage in stroke patientsKopp, B; Roesser, N; Tabeling, S; Stuerenburg, HJ; de Haan, B; Karnath, H-O; Wessel, K
2015Errors on the Trail Making Test Are Associated with Right Hemispheric Frontal Lobe Damage in Stroke PatientsKopp, B; Roesser, N; Tabeling, S; Stuerenburg, HJ; de Haan, B; Karnath, H-O; Wessel, K
-Body weight perceptions, obesity and health behaviours in JamaicaPearce, V; Dibb, B; Gaines, SO
2017Mitotic post-translational modifications of histones promote chromatin compaction in vitroVagnarelli, P; Zhiteneva, A; Bonfiglio, J; Makarov, A; Colby, T; Schirmer, E; Matic, I; Earnshaw, W
2017Hypoxic Air Inhalation and Ischemia Interventions Both Elicit Preconditioning Which Attenuate Subsequent Cellular Stress In vivo Following Blood Flow Occlusion and ReperfusionBarrington, JH; Chrismas, BCR; Gibson, O; Tuttle, JA; Pegrum, J; Govilkar, S; Kabir, C; Giannakakis, N; Rayan, F; Okasheh, Z; Sanaullah, A; Nh Man Sun, S; Pearce, O; Taylor, L
2017Narcissism and the strategic pursuit of short-term mating: Universal links across 11 world regions of the international sexuality description project-2Schmitt, DP; Alcalay, L; Allik, J; Alves, ICB; Anderson, CA; Angelini, AL; Asendorpf, JB; Austers, I; Balaguer, I; Baptista, A; Bender, SS; Bennett, K; Bianchi, G; Birashk, B; Bleske-Rechek, A; Boholst, FA; Boothroyd, L; Borja, T; Bos, A; Brainerd, E; Brase, GL; Brites, J; Burakova-Lorgnier, M; Byrd, M; Camilleri, JA; Ciani, AC; Caral, LGA; Carnelley, KB; Carvalho, M; Casson, J; Castillo, I; Castro, A; Casullo, M; Chirkov, VI; Choi, J; Cohen, D; Collin-Hansen, CA; Commisso, MA; Consuegra, E; Cordovez, L; Cukur, CS; Cunen, MAB; Cunningham, M; Curl, L; Daniel, P; Denissen, JJA; Desmarais, S; Desouza, E; Diaz-Loving, R; Elias, MS; Endriulaitiene, A; Eremsoy, E; Expósito, F; Falzon, R; Fernandez, AM; Fernando, K; Ferreira, JHBP; Fink, B; Fisher, M; Fitness, J; Flowers, K; Frederick, D; Fry, S; Fukushima, O; Gaines, SO; Galliher, RV; Gandari, E; Geher, G; Gentile, DA; Geri, JM; Giri, VN; Golden, D; Gordon, F; Gordon, KC; Grammer, K; Grimaldi, L; Giunta, S; Hajdú, E; Halberstadt, J; Hald, G; Halim, MS; Haque, S; Harlem, SK; Hearns, KA; Heaven, P; Helweg-Larsen, M; Herrera, E; Herrera, D; Hertel, J; Hoffmann, H; Høgh-Olesen, H; Houle, BJ; Hudek-Knezevic, J; Jaafar, J; Kafetsios, K; Kardum, I; Kennair, LEO; Khoury, B; Kökény, T; Koller, S
-Vessel co-option is common in human lung metastases and mediates resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy in preclinical lung metastasis modelsBridgeman, VL; Vermeulen, PB; Foo, S; Bilecz, A; Daley, F; Kostaras, E; Nathan, MR; Wan, E; Frentzas, S; Schweiger, T; Hegedus, B; Hoetzenecker, K; Renyi-Vamos, F; Kuczynski, EA; Vasudev, NS; Larkin, J; Gore, M; Dvorak, HF; Paku, S; Kerbel, RS; Dome, B; Reynolds, AR
2017Preclinical evaluation of the PARP inhibitor BMN-673 for the treatment of ovarian clear cell cancerWilkerson, PM; Dedes, KJ; Samartzis, EP; Dedes, I; Lambros, MB; Natrajan, R; Gauthier, A; Piscuoglio, S; Töpfer, C; Vukovic, V; Daley, F; Weigelt, B; Reis-Filho, JS
2017TDP2 suppresses chromosomal translocations induced by DNA topoisomerase II during gene transcriptionGomez-Herreros, F; Zagnoli-Vieira, G; Ntai, I; Martínez Macías, M; Herrero-Ruíz, A; Anderson, RM; Caldecott, K
2017Palaeogeographic variation in the Permian–Triassic boundary microbialites: A discussion of microbial and ocean processes after the end-Permian mass extinctionKershaw, S
2016Three-dimensional modelling identifies novel genetic dependencies associated with breast cancer progression in the isogenic MCF10 modelMaguire, SL; Peck, B; Wai, PT; Campbell, J; Barker, H; Gulati, A; Daley, F; Vyse, S; Huang, P; Lord, CJ; Farnie, G; Brennan, K; Natrajan, R
-Dual Targeting of PDGFRα and FGFR1 Displays Synergistic Efficacy in Malignant Rhabdoid TumorsWong, JP; Todd, JR; Finetti, MA; McCarthy, F; Broncel, M; Vyse, S; Luczynski, MT; Crosier, S; Ryall, KA; Holmes, K; Payne, LS; Daley, F; Wai, P; Jenks, A; Tanos, B; Tan, AC; Natrajan, RC; Williamson, D; Huang, PH
-Prognostic value of automated KI67 scoring in breast cancer: A centralised evaluation of 8088 patients from 10 study groupsAbubakar, M; Orr, N; Daley, F; Coulson, P; Ali, HR; Blows, F; Benitez, J; Milne, R; Brenner, H; Stegmaier, C; Mannermaa, A; Chang-Claude, J; Rudolph, A; Sinn, P; Couch, FJ; Devilee, P; Tollenaar, RAEM; Seynaeve, C; Figueroa, J; Sherman, ME; Lissowska, J; Hewitt, S; Eccles, D; Hooning, MJ; Hollestelle, A; Martens, JWM; Deurzen, CHM; Investigators, KCF; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Jones, M; Schoemaker, M; Wesseling, J; van Leeuwen, FE; Van 't Veer, L; Easton, D; Swerdlow, AJ; Dowsett, M; Pharoah, PD; Schmidt, MK; Garcia-Closas, M
2017Association Between Costs Related to Productivity Loss and Modified Risk Factors Among Users of the Brazilian National Health SystemAraujo, MYC; Sarti, FM; Fernandes, RA; Monteiro, HL; Turi, BC; Anokye, N; Codogno, JS
2017Misdiagnosis is an important factor for diagnostic delay in McArdle diseaseScalco, RS; Morrow, JM; Booth, S; Chatfield, S; Godfrey, R; Quinlivan, R
2017Preterm infants have significantly longer telomeres than their term born counterpartsVasu, V; Turner, KJ; George, S; Greenall, J; Slijepcevic, P; Griffin, DK
2017Functional role of SETD2, BAP1, PARP-3 and PBRM1 candidate genes on the regulation of hTERT gene expressionLinne, H; Yasaei, H; Marriott, A; Harvey, A; Mokbel, K; Newbold, R; Roberts, TP
2017How to Grow a Nose: The Education of Desire in More's Utopia and Sade's Libertine RepublicNobus, DM
2017Effect of strength-to-weight ratio on the time taken to perform a sled-towing exerciseMartínez-Valencia, MA; Linthorne, NP; González, JMR; Alcaraz, PE; Valdivielso, FN
2017Determinants of post-prandial plasma bile acid kinetics in human volunteersFiamoncini, J; Yiorkas, AM; Gedrich, K; Rundle, M; Alsters, SI; Roeselers, G; van den Broek, TJ; Clavel, T; Lagkouvardos, I; Wopereis, S; Frost, GS; van Ommen, B; Blakemore, AIF; Daniel, H
2014Comparative analysis of the transcriptome across distant speciesGerstein, MB; Rozowsky, J; Yan, K-K; Wang, D; Cheng, C; Brown, JB; Davis, CA; Hillier, L; Sisu, C; Li, JJ; Pei, B; Harmanci, AO; Duff, MO; Djebali, S; Alexander, RP; Alver, BH; Auerbach, R; Bell, K; Bickel, PJ; Boeck, ME; Boley, NP; Booth, BW; Cherbas, L; Cherbas, P; Di, C; Dobins, A; Drenkows, J; Ewing, B; Fang, G; Fastucas, M; Feingold, EA; Frankish, A; Gao, G; Good, PJ; Guigo, R; Hammonds, A; Harrow, J; Hoskins, RA; Howald, C; Hu, L; Huang, H; Hubbard, TJP; Huynh, C; Jhas, S; Kasper, D; Kato, M; Kaufman, TC; Kitchen, RR; Ladewig, E; Lagarde, J; Lai, E; Leng, L; Lu, Z; MacCoss, M; May, G; McWhirter, R; Merrihew, G; Miller, DM; Mortazavi, A; Murad, R; Oliver, B; Olson, S; Park, PJ; Pazin, MJ; Perrimon, N; Pervouchine, D; Reinke, V; Reymond, A; Robinson, G; Samsonova, A; Saunders, GI; Schlesingers, F; Sethi, A; Slack, FJ; Spencer, WC; Stoiber, MH; Strasbourger, P; Tanzer, A; Thompson, OA; Wan, KH; Wang, G; Wang, H; Watkins, KL; Wen, J; Wen, K; Xue, C; Yang, L; Yip, K; Zaleskis, C; Zhang, Y; Zheng, H; Brenner, SE; Graveley, BR; Ceniker, SE; Gingeras, TR; Waterston, R
2014Deep-Water Characteristics of the Trans-Pacific Tsunami from the 1 April 2014 M w 8.2 Iquique, Chile EarthquakeHeidarzadeh, M; Satake, K; Murotani, S; Gusman, AR; Watada, S
2015Tsunamis from the 29 March and 5 May 2015 Papua New Guinea earthquake doublet (M<inf>w</inf> 7.5) and tsunamigenic potential of the New Britain trenchGusman, AR; Harada, T; Satake, K
2015Fault slip distribution of the 2014 Iquique, Chile, earthquake estimated from ocean-wide tsunami waveforms and GPS dataGusman, AR; Murotani, S; Satake, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Gunawan, E; Watada, S; Schurr, B
2017Recovery of critical metals from dilute leach solutions – Separation of indium from tin and leadGrimes, SM; Yasri, NG; Chaudhary, AJ
2017An alternative approach to risk rank chemicals on the threat they pose to the aquatic environmentJohnson, AC; Donnachie, RL; Sumpter, JP; Jürgens, MD; Moeckel, C; Pereira, MG
2014Integrating sequence and array data to create an improved 1000 Genomes Project haplotype reference panelDelaneau, O; Marchini, J; McVeanh, GA; Donnelly, P; Lunter, G; Marchini, JL; Myers, S; Gupta-Hinch, A; Iqbal, Z; Mathieson, I; Rimmer, A; Xifara, DK; Kerasidou, A; Churchhouse, C; Altshuler, DM; Gabriel, SB; Lander, ES; Gupta, N; Daly, MJ; DePristo, MA; Banks, E; Bhatia, G; Carneiro, MO; Del Angel, G; Genovese, G; Handsaker, RE; Hartl, C; McCarroll, SA; Nemesh, JC; Poplin, RE; Schaffner, SF; Shakir, K; Sabeti, PC; Grossman, SR; Tabrizi, S; Tariyal, R; Li, H; Reich, D; Durbin, RM; Hurles, ME; Balasubramaniam, S; Burton, J; Danecek, P; Keane, TM; Kolb-Kokocinski, A; McCarthy, S; Stalker, J; Quail, M; Ayub, Q; Chen, Y; Coffey, AJ; Colonna, V; Huang, N; Jostins, L; Scally, A; Walter, K; Xue, Y; Zhang, Y; Blackburne, B; Lindsay, SJ; Ning, Z; Frankish, A; Harrow, J; Chris, TS; Abecasis, GR; Kang, HM; Anderson, P; Blackwell, T; Busonero, F; Fuchsberger, C; Jun, G; Maschio, A; Porcu, E; Sidore, C; Tan, A; Trost, MK; Bentley, DR; Grocock, R
2012An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genomeDunham, I; Kundaje, A; Aldred, SF; Collins, PJ; Davis, C; Doyle, F; Epstein, CB; Frietze, S; Harrow, J; Kaul, R; Khatun, J; Kingswood, C; Li, G; Luo, OJ; Park, E; Preall, JB; Presaud, K; Ribeca, P; Risk, BA; Robyr, D; Shoresh, N; Weng, Z; Ruan, X; Sammeth, M; Sandhu, KS; Schaeffer, L; See, L-H; Shahab, A; Skancke, J; Suzuki, AM; Takahashi, H; Tilgner, H; White, KP; Simon, JM; Trout, D; Walters, N; Wang, H; Wrobel, J; Yu, Y; Hayashizaki, Y; Harrow, J; Gerstein, M; Hubbard, TJ; Wold, B; Reymond, A; Song, L; Antonarakis, SE; Hannon, GJ; Giddings, MC; Ruan, Y; Wold, B; Carninci, P; Guigo, R; Gingeras, TR; Khatun, J; Rosenbloom, KR; Sloan, CA; Trinklein, ND; Learned, K; Malladi, VS; Wong, MC; Barber, G; Cline, MS; Dreszer, TR; Heitner, SG; Yu, Y; Karolchik, D; Kent, WJ; Kirkup, VM; Altshuler, RC; Meyer, LR; Long, JC; Maddren, M; Raney, BJ; Furey, TS; Song, L; Wrobel, J; Grasfeder, LL; Giresi, PG; Lee, B-K; Battenhouse, A; Birney, E; Sheffield, NC; Simon, JM; Showers, KA; Safi, A; London, D; Risk, BA; Bhinge, AA; Shestak, C; Schaner, MR; Kim, SK; Zhang, ZZ; Brown, JB; Mieczkowski, PA; Mieczkowska, JO; Liu, Z; McDaniell, RM; Gunawardena, HP; Ni, Y; Rashid, NU; Kim, MJ; Adar, S; Zhang, Z; Wang, T; Cheng, C; Winter, D; Keefe, D; Birney, E; Kuiper, HC; Iyer, VR; Lieb, JD; Crawford, GE; Li, G; Sandhu, KS; Zheng, M; Wang, P; Djebali, S; Luo, OJ; Shahab, A; Maier, CW; Fullwood, MJ; Ruan, X; Ruan, Y; Myers, RM; Pauli, F; Williams, BA; Gertz, J; Marinov, GK; Dong, X; Reddy, TE; Lajoie, BR; Vielmetter, J; Partridge, EC; Trout, D; Varley, KE; Gasper, C; Bansal, A; Pepke, S; Jain, P; Amrhein, H; Dunham, I; Xie, L; Bowling, KM; Anaya, M; Cross, MK; King, B; Muratet, MA; Antoshechkin, I; Newberry, KM; Mccue, K; Nesmith, AS; Fisher-Aylor, KI; Chen, X; Ernst, J; Pusey, B; DeSalvo, G; Parker, SL; Balasubramanian, S; Davis, NS; Meadows, SK; Eggleston, T; Gunter, C; Newberry, JS; Giddings, MC; Levy, SE; Furey, TS; Absher, DM; Mortazavi, A; Wong, WH; Wold, B; Blow, MJ; Visel, A; Pennachio, LA; Elnitski, L; Bernstein, BE; Margulies, EH; Parker, SCJ; Gerstein, M; Petrykowska, HM; Abyzov, A; Aken, B; Barrell, D; Barson, G; Berry, A; Bignell, A; Epstein, CB; Boychenko, V; Bussotti, G; Chrast, J; Giardine, B; Davidson, C; Derrien, T; Despacio-Reyes, G; Diekhans, M; Ezkurdia, I; Frankish, A; Shoresh, N; Gilbert, J; Gonzalez, JM; Griffiths, E; Harte, R; Greven, M; Hendrix, DA; Howald, C; Hunt, T; Jungreis, I; Kay, M; Ernst, J; Khurana, E; Kokocinski, F; Leng, J; Lin, MF; Loveland, J; Hardison, RC; Lu, Z; Manthravadi, D; Mariotti, M; Mudge, J; Kheradpour, P; Mukherjee, G; Notredame, C; Pei, B; Rodriguez, JM; Saunders, G; Sboner, A; Harris, RS; Searle, S; Sisu, C; Snow, C; Mikkelsen, TS; Steward, C; Tanzer, A; Tapanari, E; Tress, ML; van Baren, MJ; Walters, N; Washietl, S; Herrero, J; Wilming, L; Zadissa, A; Gillespie, S; Zhang, Z; Brent, M; Haussler, D; Kellis, M; Valencia, A; Gerstein, M; Reymond, A; Guigo, R; Hoffman, MM; Harrow, J; Landt, SG; Hubbard, TJ; Landt, SG; Frietze, S; Abyzov, A; Addleman, N; Alexander, RP; Auerbach, RK; Balasubramanian, S; Bettinger, K; Iyer, S; Goren, A; Bhardwaj, N; Boyle, AP; Cao, AR; Cayting, P; Charos, A; Cheng, Y; Cheng, C; Eastman, C; Euskirchen, G; Fleming, JD; Ram, O; Kellis, M; Grubert, F; Habegger, L; Hariharan, M; Harmanci, A; Iyengar, S; Jin, VX; Karczewski, KJ; Kasowski, M; Lacroute, P; Zhang, X; Lam, H; Khatun, J; Lamarre-Vincent, N; Leng, J; Lian, J; Lindahl-Allen, M; Min, R; Miotto, B; Monahan, H; Moqtaderi, Z; Wang, L; Mu, XJ; O'Geen, H; Kheradpour, P; Ouyang, Z; Patacsil, D; Pei, B; Raha, D; Ramirez, L; Reed, B; Rozowsky, J; Issner, R; Sboner, A; Shi, M; Sisu, C; Kundaje, A; Slifer, T; Witt, H; Wu, L; Xu, X; Yan, K-K; Yang, X; Coyne, MJ; Yip, KY; Zhang, Z; Struhl, K; Weissman, SM; Lassmann, T; Gerstein, M; Farnham, PJ; Snyder, M; Tenenbaum, SA; Penalva, LO; Durham, T; Doyle, F; Karmakar, S; Landt, SG; Bhanvadia, RR; Choudhury, A; Li, Q; Domanus, M; Ma, L; Moran, J; Patacsil, D; 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Howald, C; Jha, S; Johnson, R; Kapranov, P; Sanyal, A; King, B
2015Loregic: A Method to Characterize the Cooperative Logic of Regulatory FactorsYan, K-K; Sisu, C; Cheng, C; Rozowsky, J; Meyerson, W; Gerstein, MB
2016The Use of counseling principles and skills to develop practitioner-athlete relationships by practitioners who provide sport psychology supportLongstaff, F; Gervis, M
2016Esprit de corps, Work Transference and Dissolution: Lacan as an Organisational TheoristNobus, DM
2017Definitions and clinical guidance on the enteral dependence component of the avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder diagnostic criteria in childrenDovey, T; Wilken, M; Martin, CI; Meyer, C
2017Exercise-induced quadriceps muscle fatigue in men and women: effects of arterial oxygen content and respiratory muscle workDominelli, PD; Molgat-Seon, Y; Griesdale, DE; Peters, C; Blouin, J-S; Sekhon, M; Dominelli, G; Henderson, WR; Foster, GE; Romer, LM; Koehle, MS; Sheel, AW
2017Associations of leukocyte telomere length with aerobic and muscular fitness in young adultsWilliams, DM; Buxton, JL; Kantomaa, MT; Tammelin, TH; Blakemore, AIF; Järvelin, MR
2017Between Affect and Signifier: A Comparison of Lacanian and 'Modern Psychoanalytic' Theories of PsychosisNobus, DM
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