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Title: The robust selection of predictive genes via a simple classifier
Authors: Vinciotti, V
Tucker, A
Kellum, P
Liu, X
Keywords: Feature selection; Naive Bayes classifier; Simulated annealing;Cross-validation; Microarray data
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Adis International
Citation: Applied Bioinformatics, 5(1): 1-11(11), 2006
Abstract: Identifying genes that direct the mechanism of a disease from expression data is extremely useful in understanding how that mechanism works. This in turn may lead to better diagnoses and potentially can lead to a cure for that disease. This task becomes extremely challenging when the data are characterised by only a small number of samples and a high number of dimensions, as it is often the case with gene expression data. Motivated by this challenge, we present a general framework that focuses on simplicity and data perturbation. These are the keys for the robust identification of the most predictive features in such data. Within this framework, we propose a simple selective na¨ıve Bayes classifier discovered using a global search technique, and combine it with data perturbation to increase its robustness to small sample sizes. An extensive validation of the method was carried out using two applied datasets from the field of microarrays and a simulated dataset, all confounded by small sample sizes and high dimensionality. The method has been shown capable of identifying genes previously confirmed or associated with prostate cancer and viral infections.
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