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Title: Towards an evaluation framework for medical web applications
Authors: Xydopoulos, G
Stergioulas, L
Keywords: Evaluation framework;Medical web applications
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS) Accepted Refereed Papers, 2013, 17-18 October, Windsor, United Kingdom
Abstract: The main aim of this study is to review and analyse various evaluation frameworks used to assess the operational effectiveness of various Information Technology (IT) processes/applications and identify their strengths in order to form a new holistic framework for economic evaluation of web applications. This research aims to address the need for a new holistic evaluation framework for the purpose of the evaluation of the medical web applications. Over the last decade more and more, companies used accountancy techniques such as the frameworks analysed in this research. This new holistic framework that was developed will include also steps regarding the indirect and intangible costs and benefits identification and their incorporation in the evaluation process. Moreover the new emerging market of the medical websites and the embedded on them web applications requires also a new evaluation framework that will provide accurate results in the estimation of the efficiency of an investment on them. The paper first presents an introduction about why economic evaluation is important when evaluating the Information Technology in organizations. Various studies are reviewed, which highlight the ever increasing importance of integrating economic evaluation processes, such as Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Return on Investment (ROI), into systems and processes of organizations and economic organizations, and analyse the factors that govern their role. Finally, the evaluation frameworks and methods that are found in these studies should be used as a part of a proactive systematic action plan that the organizations could use to avoid budget reduction due to incorrect planning. The next part of this study includes a comprehensive presentation and review of past frameworks used to evaluate Information Technology. The frameworks that are reviewed are the Framework for evaluation of information systems, the Information Technology Adoption Model (ITAM), the Total Evaluation and Acceptance Methodology (TEAM) framework, the ROI Process Model and HOT-fit evaluation framework for Health Information Systems.
Description: Copyright @ 2013 EMCIS.
ISBN: 978-1-908549-11-2
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