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Title: What do connectionnist simulations tell us?
Authors: Gobet, F
Keywords: connectionnism;Pdp;Acquisition of language;Computational modelling;Elman;Computational models of the acquisition of language;Rispoli;Cognitive development;Past tense acquisition;Piaget;Rohde;Plaut;Raijmakers;Balance beam task;Representational innateness;Epigenesis;Non-linear dynamics;Starting small;Rethinking innateness
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Journal of Child Language, 26: 242-245
Abstract: In his review, Rispoli’s main concern is that Elman et al.’s book will aggravate the degree of polarisation in developmental psycholinguistics. I cannot really comment on this worry, as developmental psycholinguistics is not my field. Instead, I will discuss some questions more related to my background--the role of computational modelling in Elman et al.’s approach.
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