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Title: Improving multiple broadcasting of multimedia traffic in wireless ad-hoc networks
Authors: Chousidis, C
Nilavalan, R
Keywords: Broadcasting;CTS-to-Self;EBNA algorithm;Ad_hoc;Contention window
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: The SAI Organization Inc.
Citation: Science and Information Conference 2013 (SAI), 822 - 828, 7-9 Oct 2013
Abstract: The increasing use of multimedia streaming applications in addition with advent of internet television and radio, demands from today's wireless networks to handle with reliability multiple broadcasting and multicasting sources. However, the way that 802.11 standard, which is the primary technology in wireless networking, handle this type of traffic raises a series of problems mainly related to the lack of an effective feedback mechanism. This lack in turn, limits the capability of random backoff process to eliminate collisions and reduce reliability and fairness. This inherited drawback of the standard is affecting the way broadcast and multicast traffic is transmitted as well as the overall performance of the network. In this paper initially we are highlighting the drawback of the IEEE 802.11 MAC algorithm in handling multiple stations “media type” data broadcasting in an ad-hoc wireless network. Then, we propose two different approaches in alleviating these problems. The first approach is the simple linear increase of the contention window (CW) while the second propose a linear increase of the CW implementing an exclusive backoff number allocation (EBNA) algorithm. In addition we are modifying the 802.11 medium access control (MAC) algorithm to use the clear to send to self (CTS-to-Self) protection mechanism prior to every transmission. Both the above techniques are simulated and compared with the classic 802.11 MAC. The results show that the overall performance of the network can be improved using these alternative MAC methods.
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