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Title: Virtually connected, practically mobile
Authors: Perry, M
Brodie, J
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Springer
Citation: In Andriessen, EJH; Vartiainen, M (Ed(s)), Mobile Virtual Work: A New Paradigm, Ch. 5: pp. 97 - 127, 2006
Abstract: This chapter addresses a central issue in studies of mobile work and mobile technology – what is the work of mobile workers, and how do they use the resources that they have to undertake this work (i.e. the work they have to do in order to do their work)? In contrast to many of the other papers in this collection, the objective of this chapter is to examine individual mobile work, and not teamwork and co-operation other than where it impacts on the work of individuals. We present data from a study of mobile workers, examining a range of mobile workers to produce a rich picture of their work. Our analysis reveals insights into how mobile workers mix their mobility with their work, home and social lives, their use of mobile technology, the problems – technological and otherwise – inherent in being mobile, and the strategies that they use to manage their work, time, other resources and availability. Our findings demonstrate important issues in understanding mobile work, including the maintenance of communities of practice, the role and management of interpersonal awareness and co-ordination, how environmental resources affect activity, the impact of mobility on family/social relationships and the crossover between the mobile workers’ private and working lives, how preplanning is employed prior to travel, and how mobile workers perform activity multitasking, for example through making use of ‘dead time’. Finally, we turn to the implications of this data for the design and deployment of mobile virtual work (MVW) technologies for individuals and a broader organisational context.
Description: This is the post-print version of the Chapter. The official published version can be accessed from the links below - Copyright @ 2006 Springer
ISBN: 978-3-540-28364-5
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