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Title: Service Platform for Converged Interactive Broadband Broadcast and Cellular Wireless
Authors: Allamandri, F
Campion, S
Centonza, A
Chernilov, A
Cosmas, J
Duffy, A
Garrec, D
Guiraudou, M
Kannan, K
Levesque, T
Mazieres, B
Mies, R
Owens, T J
Re, M
Tsekleves, E
Zheng, L
Keywords: Broadcasting;Multimedia communication;Service platform;Terrestrial mobile cellular radio systems
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Vol. 53, No. 1, March 2007
Abstract: A converged broadcast and telecommunication service platform is presented that is able to create, deliver, and manage interactive, multimedia content and services for consumption on three different terminal types. The motivations of service providers for designing converged interactive multimedia services, which are crafted for their individual requirements, are investigated. The overall design of the system is presented with particular emphasis placed on the operational features of each of the sub-systems, the flows of media and metadata through the sub-systems and the formats and protocols required for inter-communication between them. The key features of tools required for creating converged interactive multimedia content for a range of different end-user terminal types are examined. Finally possible enhancements to this system are discussed. This study is of particular interest to those organizations currently conducting trials and commercial launches of DVB-H services because it provides them with an insight of the various additional functions required in the service provisioning platforms to provide fully interactive services to a range of different mobile terminal types.
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