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Title: A method for predicting the rate and effect of approach to the stall of a microlight aeroplane
Authors: Gratton, GB
Keywords: Microlight;Stall;Deceleration;Gyroplane;Flight test
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Royal Aeronautical Society
Citation: Aeronautical Journal. 110(1112): 683-690, Oct 2006
Abstract: The stall and immediately post-stall behaviour of a microlight aeroplane are shown to be a function of the deceleration rate prior to the stall; therefore, it is necessary to use a representative deceleration rate when determining the acceptability of stall and post-stall handling qualities. This research has found means by which the range of deceleration rates likely to be seen in a particular type can be estimated, so that flight test programmes can ensure these rates are included, and thus aircraft are confirmed to have acceptable stalling characteristics. Recommendations are made towards the use of this research for all aircraft type, and of further work which might usefully be carried out.
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