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Title: Semisolid processing characteristics of AM series Mg alloys by rheo-diecasting
Authors: Ji, S
Qian, M
Fan, Z
Keywords: Microstructure;Magnesium alloy;Solidification behavior;Al-Zn Alloys
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: ASM International
Citation: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 37(3): 779 - 787, Mar 2006
Abstract: An investigation has been made into the solidification behavior and microstructural evolution of AM50, AM70, and AM90 alloys during rheo-diecasting, their processibility, and the resulting mechanical properties. It was found that solidification of AM series alloys under intensive melt shearing in the unique twin-screw slurry maker during rheo-diecasting gave rise to numerous spheroidal primary magnesium (Mg) particles that were uniformly present in the microstructure. As a result, the network of the beta-Mg17Al12 phase was consistently interrupted by these spheroidal and ductile particles. Such a microstructure reduced the obstacle of deformation and the harmfulness of the beta-Mg17Al12 network on ductility, and therefore improved the ductility of rheo-diecast AM alloys. It was shown that, even with 9 wt pct Al, the elongation of rheo-diecast AM90 still achieved (9 +/- 1.2) pct. Rheodiecasting thus provides an attractive processing route for upgrading the alloy specification of AM series alloys by increasing the aluminum (Al) content while ensuring ductility. Assessment of the processibility of AM series alloys for semisolid processing showed that high Al content AM series alloys are more suitable for rheo-diecasting than low Al content alloys, because of the lower sensitivity of solid fraction to temperature, the lower liquidus temperature, and the smaller interval between the semisolid processing temperature and the complete solidification temperature.
Description: The official published version of this Article can be found at the link below - Copyright @ 2006 ASM International
ISSN: 1073-5623
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