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Title: Modelling the cAMP pathway using BioNessie, and the use of BVP techniques for solving ODEs (Poster Presentation)
Authors: Gu, X
Gilbert, D
Higham, D
Houslay, M
Keywords: Observable behaviours;Intercellular and intracellular processes;Ordinary differential equations;BioNessie
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd
Citation: BMC Systems Biology, 1 (Supp. 1): P6, 2007
Abstract: Biochemists often conduct experiments in-vivo in order to explore observable behaviours and understand the dynamics of many intercellular and intracellular processes. However an intuitive understanding of their dynamics is hard to obtain because most pathways of interest involve components connected via interlocking loops. Formal methods for modelling and analysis of biochemical pathways are therefore indispensable. To this end, ODEs (ordinary differential equations) have been widely adopted as a method to model biochemical pathways because they have an unambiguous mathematical format and are amenable to rigorous quantitative analysis. BioNessie webcite is a workbench for the composition, simulation and analysis of biochemical networks which is being developed in by the Systems Biology team at the Bioinformatics Research Centre as a part of a large DTI funded project 'BPS: A Software Tool for the Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Networks' webcite. BioNessie is written in Java using NetBeans Platform libraries that makes it platform independent. The software employs specialised differential equations solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems to produce model simulation traces. BioNessie provides a user-friendly interfact that comes up with an intuitive tree-based graphical layout, an edition function to SBML-compatible models and feature of data output.
Description: Copyright @ 2007 Gu et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd
ISSN: 1752-0509
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