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Title: Muonium addition reactions in the gas phase: Quantum tunneling in Mu + C2H4 and Mu + C2D4
Authors: Garner, DM
Fleming, DG
Arseneau, DJ
Senba, M
Reid, ID
Mikula, RJ
Keywords: Muonium;Ethylene;Chemical reaction kinetics;Temperature;Isotope effects;Tunneling;Quantum mechanics;Gases;Hydrogen isotopes
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Chemical Physics, 93(3): 1732-1740, 1990
Abstract: The reaction kinetics for the addition of the muonium (Mu=μ+e−) atom to C2H4 and C2D4 have been measured over the temperature range 150–500 K at (N2) moderator pressures near 1 atm. A factor of about 8 variation in moderator pressure was carried out for C2H4, with no significant change seen in the apparent rate constant kapp, which is therefore taken to be at the high pressure limit, yielding the bimolecular rate constant kMu for the addition step. This is also expected from the nature of the μSR technique employed, which, in favorable cases, gives kapp=kMu at any pressure. Comparisons with the H atom data of Lightfoot and Pilling, and Sugawara et al. and the D atom data of Sugawara et al. reveal large isotope effects. Only at the highest temperatures, near 500 K, is kMu/kH given by its classical value of 2.9, from the mean velocity dependence of the collision rate but at the lowest temperatures kMu/kH≳30/1 is seen, reflecting the pronounced tunneling of the much lighter Mu atom (mμ=1/9 mp). The present Mu results should provide accurate tests of reaction theories on currently available ab initio surfaces.
Description: Copyright © 1990 American Institute of Physics.
ISSN: 0021-9606
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