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Title: Analysis of β-globin chromatin micro-environment using a novel 3C variant, 4Cv
Authors: Pink, R
Eskiw, CH
Caley, DP
Carter, D
Keywords: Higher order chromatin folding;RNA TRAP;Chromosome conformation capture (3C);β-globin;Gene expression
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Citation: PLoS ONE, 5(9): e13045, 2010
Abstract: Higher order chromatin folding is critical to a number of developmental processes, including the regulation of gene expression. Recently developed biochemical techniques such as RNA TRAP and chromosome conformation capture (3C) have provided us with the tools to probe chromosomal structures. These techniques have been applied to the β-globin locus, revealing a complex pattern of interactions with regions along the chromosome that the gene resides on. However, biochemical and microscopy data on the nature of β-globin interactions with other chromosomes is contradictory. Therefore we developed a novel 4C variant, Complete-genome 3C by vectorette amplification (4Cv), which allows an unbiased and quantitative method to examine chromosomal structure. We have used 4Cv to study the microenvironment of the β-globin locus in mice and show that a significant proportion of the interactions of β-globin are inter-chromosomal. Furthermore, our data show that in the liver, where the gene is active, β-globin is more likely to interact with other chromosomes, compared to the brain where the gene is silent and is more likely to interact with other regions along the same chromosome. Our data suggest that transcriptional activation of the β-globin locus leads to a change in nuclear position relative to the chromosome territory.
Description: Copyright: © 2010 Pink et al.
ISSN: 1932-6203
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