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Title: Digital radio over fibre for future broadband wireless access network solution
Authors: Abdollahi, SR
Al-Raweshidy, H
Mehdi Fakhraie, S
Nilavalan, R
Keywords: Radio over fibre;PDAC;ENOB
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, Valencia, Spain, 20 - 25 Sep 2010: 504 - 508, Nov 2010
Abstract: Digital systems are more flexible and environment-process-tolerant than analogue systems. They are more reliable and robust against cross-talk, interference and channel noises, and are capable of covering higher dynamic range than analogue systems. Wideband electronic analogue to digital conversion (ADC) systems have critical problems encountered in high-frequency broadband communication systems that the recent electronic ADCs (EADC) have experienced those such as uncertainty of sampling time. In this paper, an 80Gigasample/s all photonic sampling and quantization ADC and photonic digital to analogue conversion system with six effective number of bits (ENOB) is designed. By using this Photonic ADC (PADC), a digital radio over fibre link for wireless radio frequency (RF) signal transportation over 50 km single mode fibre has been designed whose performance is investigated in this paper.
Description: Copyright @ 2010 IEEE
ISBN: 978-1-4244-8021-0
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