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Title: A power law distribution in patients' lengths of stay in hospital
Authors: Hellervik, A
Rodgers, GJ
Keywords: Health Care;Power law distributions;Preferential attachment;Resource competition;Rate equation
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 379: 235-240, Jul 2006
Abstract: The distribution of patients' lengths of stay in English hospitals is measured by using routinely collected data from 11 years. It is found to be well approximated by a power law distribution spanning over more than 3 decades. To explain this observation, a theoretical resource allocation model is presented. It is based on iterative long-term scheduling of hospital beds, and its main assumption is that future beds are allocated preferentially. This represents a situation where diĀ®erent parts of the health care system compete for resources, with bargaining powers proportional to current resource levels.
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