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Title: Bicriteria scheduling of a two-machine flowshop with sequence-dependent setup times
Authors: Mansouri, SA
Hendizadeh, SH
Salmasi, N
Keywords: Multicriteria scheduling;Sequence-dependent setups;Flowshop;Pareto-optimal frontier;Genetic algorithms;Simulated annealing
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 40(11-12):1216–1226
Abstract: A two-machine flowshop scheduling problem is addressed to minimize setups and makespan where each job is characterized by a pair of attributes that entail setups on each machine. The setup times are sequence-dependent on both machines. It is shown that these objectives conflict, so the Pareto optimization approach is considered. The scheduling problems considering either of these objectives are NP-hard , so exact optimization techniques are impractical for large-sized problems. We propose two multi-objective metaheurisctics based on genetic algorithms (MOGA) and simulated annealing (MOSA) to find approximations of Pareto-optimal sets. The performances of these approaches are compared with lower bounds for small problems. In larger problems, performance of the proposed algorithms are compared with each other. Experimentations revealed that both algorithms perform very similar on small problems. Moreover, it was observed that MOGA outperforms MOSA in terms of the quality of solutions on larger problems.
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ISSN: 0268-3768
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