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Title: Investigation of split injection in a single cylinder optical diesel engine
Authors: Diez, A
Zhao, H
Keywords: Split-injection;Optical engine;EGR;Diesel engine
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: SAE International
Citation: SAE World Congress and Exhibition, Detroit, MI, USA. April 2010.
Abstract: Over the last decade, the diesel engine has made dramatic progress in its performance and market penetration. However, in order to meet future emissions legislations, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particulate matters’ (PM) emissions will need to be reduced simultaneously. Nowadays researchers are focused on different combustion modes which can have a great potential for both low soot and low NOx. In order to achieve this, different injection strategies have been investigated. This study investigates the effects of split injection strategies with high levels of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on combustion performance and emissions in a single cylinder direct injection optical diesel engine. The investigation is focused on the effects of injection timing of split injection strategies. A Ricardo Hydra single cylinder optical engine was used in which conventional experimental methods like cylinder pressure data, heat release analysis and exhaust emissions analysis were applied. Optical techniques like direct spray and combustion visualization were applied by means of a high speed imaging system with a copper vapor laser illumination system and a high-speed two-color system was applied to obtain in-cylinder diesel combustion temperature and soot measurements distributions.
Description: SAE paper 2010-01-0605, Copyright © 2010 SAE International. This paper is posted on this site with permission from SAE International, and is for viewing only. Further use and distribution of this paper is not permitted without permission from SAE.
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