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Title: A new construction of signature waveforms for multi-rate multi-cell QS-CDMA systems
Authors: Feng, L
Fan, P
Loo, KK
Tarokh, V
Keywords: GLS sequences;Generalized orthogonal;Multi-rate;Quasi-synchronous CDMA system
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Wireless Personal Communications, 50(4): 497-503, Sep 2009
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a newconstruction of signaturewaveform sets based on Generalized Loosely Synchronization (GLS) sets and different chipwaveforms. The newsignature sets are applied into the multi-rate multi-cell quasi-synchronous CDMA (QS-CDMA) system where each cell is assigned with aGLS set; different users in the same cell are assigned with different GLS sequences in the same GLS set; user’s different streams are assigned with the same GLS sequence but different chip waveforms. According to the properties of GLS sets, the inter-cell interference (ICI) and the multi-user interference (MUI) in the same cell can be reduced significantly. The interferences among different streams of the same user are handled by an optimal (or suboptimal) multi-stream detector(s), notice that the multi-stream detector mentioned here is also named as multi-user detector in other references. We compare the performance of the multi-rate multi-cell QS-CDMA system employing the proposed sets with that of multi-rate system employing well-known concatenated orthogonal/PN sets and that of single-rate system employing GLS sets. The results show that the multi-rate system employing the proposed sets can achieve significant interference reduction. Meanwhile the performance of multi-rate system is similar to that of single-rate system due to the inclusion of multi-user detection.
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ISSN: 1572-834X
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