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Title: Unquenched QCD dirac operator spectra at nonzero baryon chemical potential
Authors: Akemann, G
Osborn, J C
Splittorff, K
Verbaarschot, J J M
Keywords: High energy physics - theory;Disordered systems and neural networks;Mathematical physics
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Nuclear Physics B. 712:287-324, Nov 2005
Abstract: The microscopic spectral density of the QCD Dirac operator at nonzero baryon chemical potential for an arbitrary number of quark flavors was derived recently from a random matrix model with the global symmetries of QCD. In this paper we show that these results and extensions thereof can be obtained from the replica limit of a Toda lattice equation. This naturally leads to a factorized form into bosonic and fermionic QCD-like partition functions. In the microscopic limit these partition functions are given by the static limit of a chiral Lagrangian that follows from the symmetry breaking pattern. In particular, we elucidate the role of the singularity of the bosonic partition function in the orthogonal polynomials approach. A detailed discussion of the spectral density for one and two flavors is given.
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