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Title: Concentrator cell methodology in the regeneration and recycle of chromium etching solutions using membrane technology
Authors: Chaudhary, AJ
Ganguli, B
Grimes, SM
Keywords: Electrodialysis;Copper;Concentrator cell technology;Ion exchange;Activated carbon cloth
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Chemosphere. 62 (1) 841-846
Abstract: The regeneration of chromium (VI) and the recovery of etched copper from chromium etching solutions by electrodialysis is improved by the addition of a concentrator cell, using ion exchange resins or activated carbon cloth as concentrator media, in the catholyte chamber. The maximum percentages for the regeneration of chromium and recovery of copper in these systems is however less than 80 and 90% respectively because of the competition between the processes of oxidation of Cr(III) and electrodeposition of copper. A novel combination of electrolysis with electrodialysis and concentrator cell technology is developed that achieves 92.1% chromium regeneration and 90.4% copper recovery.
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