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Title: Diffraction of sound by a rigid screen with a soft or perfectly absorbing edge
Authors: Rawlins, AD
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Sound and Vibration. 45(1): 53-67
Abstract: A solution is obtained for the problem of the diffraction of a plane wave sound source by a semi-infinite plane. A finite region in the vicinity of the edge has a soft (pressure release) boundary condition; the remaining part of the semi-infinite plane is rigid. This solution is then used to derive an approximation for the behaviour of a rigid barrier with an absorbing edge. It is concluded ,that the absorbing material that comprises the edge need only be of the order of a wavelength long to have approximately the same effect, on the sound attenuation in the shadow side of the barrier, as a completely absorbent barrier.
ISSN: 0022-460X
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