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Title: Leveraging simulation practice in industry through use of desktop grid middleware
Authors: Mustafee, N
Taylor, S J E
Keywords: Grid Computing;Desktop Grid Middleware;Condor;BOINC;Simulation Packages;Competitive Advantage
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: in Bessis, N (ed). Grid technology for maximizing collaborative decision management and support: Advancing effective virtual organizations. Pennsylvania: IGI Global, 2009
Abstract: This chapter focuses on the collaborative use of computing resources to support decision making in industry. Through the use of middleware for desktop grid computing, the idle CPU cycles available on existing computing resources can be harvested and used for speeding-up the execution of applications that have “non-trivial” processing requirements. This chapter focuses on the desktop grid middleware BOINC and Condor, and discusses the integration of commercial simulation software together with free-to-download grid middleware so as to offer competitive advantage to organizations that opt for this technology. It is expected that the low-intervention integration approach presented in this chapter (meaning no changes to source code required) will appeal to both simulation practitioners (as simulations can be executed faster, which in turn would mean that more replications and optimization is possible in the same amount of time) and the management (as it can potentially increase the return on investment on existing resources).
ISBN: 978-1-60566-364-7
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