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Title: The solution of a mixed boundary value problem in the theory of diffraction by a semi-infinite plane
Authors: Rawlins, AD
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: The Royal Society
Citation: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A. 346(1647): 469-484
Abstract: A solution is obtained for the problem of the diffraction of a plane wave sound source by a semi-infinite half plane. One surface of the half plane has a soft (pressure release) boundary condition, and the other surface a rigid boundary condition. Two unusual features arise in this boundary value problem. The first is the edge field singularity. It is found to be more singular than that associated with either a completely rigid or a completely soft semi-infinite half plane. The second is that the normal Wiener-Hopf method (which is the standard technique to solve half plane problems) has to be modified to give the solution to the present mixed boundary value problem. The mathematical problem which is solved is an approximate model for a rigid noise barrier, one face of which is treated with an absorbing lining. It is shown that the optimum attenuation in the shadow region is obtained when the absorbing lining is on the side of the screen which makes the smallest angle to the source or the receiver from the edge.
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