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Title: Understanding the factors that derive continuance intention of e-shopping in Saudi Arabia: Age group differences in behaviour
Authors: Al-maghrabi, T
Dennis, C
Keywords: internet shopping; e-shopping; technology acceptance; male and female examination; continuance online shopping; Saudi Arabia
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The objective of this study is to clarify the theoretical problem and identify factors that could explain the level of continuance intention of e-shopping in context of Saudi Arabia. The study proposes a revised technology acceptance model that integrates expectation confirmation theory to measure age differences with regard to continuance online shopping intentions in Saudi Arabia. The sample (n=465) consists of 68.8% women and 31.4% men, 348 younger than 35 years old and 117 older than 35. A structural equation model confirms model fit. The research findings confirm that Perceived usefulness, enjoyment, and subjective norms are determinants of online shopping continuance in Saudi Arabia. The structural weights are mostly equivalent between the young and old groups, but the regression path from subjective norms to perceived usefulness is not invariant, with that relationship being stronger for the younger respondents. This research moves beyond online shopping intentions and includes factors affecting online shopping continuance. The model explains 65% of the intention to continue shopping online. The research findings suggest that online strategies cannot ignore either the direct and indirect effects on continuance intentions in Saudi Arabia. The model can be generalized across the three main commercial regions of Saudi Arabia.
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