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Title: Genetic algorithm approach to find the best input variable partitioning
Authors: Kalganova, T
Strechen, N
Keywords: disjoint decomposition;multiple-valued decision diagrams;genetic algorithm;simplex-like crossover
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: 3NWGA committees
Citation: Proceedings of the 3rd Nordic Workshop on GA. Helsinki, Finland, 18-22 August 1997. pp. 245-254.
Abstract: This paper presents a variable partition algorithm which combines the quasi-reduced ordered multiple-terminal multiple-valued decision diagrams and genetic algorithms (GAs). The algorithm is better than the previous techniques which find a good functional decomposition by non-exhaustive search and expands the range of searching for the best decomposition providing the optimal subtable multiplicity. The possible solutions are evaluated using the gain of decomposition for a multiple-output multiple-valued logic function. The distinct feature of GA is the possible solutions being coded by real numbers. Here the simplex-based crossover is proposed to use for the recombination stage of GA. It permits to increase the GA coverage
Description: Conference Paper
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