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Title: Adaptive fair channel allocation for QoS enhancement in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs
Authors: Malli, M
Ni, Q
Turletti, T
Barakat, C
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Communications. Paris, France, June 2004.
Abstract: The emerging widespread use of real-time multimedia applications over wireless networks makes the support of quality of service (QoS) a key problem. In this paper, we focus on QoS support mechanisms for IEEE 802.11 wireless ad-hoc networks. First, we review limitations of the upcoming IEEE 802.11e enhanced DCF (EDCF) and other enhanced MAC schemes that have been proposed to support QoS for 802.11 ad-hoc networks. Then, we describe a new scheme called adaptive fair EDCF that extends EDCF, by increasing the contention window during deferring periods when the channel is busy, and by using an adaptive fast backoff mechanism when the channel is idle. Our scheme computes an adaptive backoff threshold for each priority level by taking into account the channel load. The new scheme significantly improves the quality of multimedia applications. Moreover, it increases the overall throughput obtained both in medium and high load cases. Simulution results show that our new scheme outperforms EDCF and other enhanced schemes. Finally, we show that the adaptive fair EDCF scheme achieves a high degree of fairness among applications of the same priority level.
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