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Title: User characteristics: Professional vs. lay users
Authors: Cifter, AS
Dong, H
Keywords: user characteristics;professional user;lay user;medical device
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Royal College of Art
Citation: Include2009, Royal College of Art, London. April 8-10, 2009.
Abstract: (User characteristics: professional use vs lay use by Cifter A and Dong H) The market success of a product largely depends on whether it correctly addresses the user needs. Understanding the user is increasingly becoming important in the design process. Different user models may determine different approaches to design. This paper identifies the characteristics of different types of users, with a specific focus on professional users and lay users. It gives a definition of professional users and lay users in the context of adapting products originally designed for professional use to the use of lay people (for example, home use medical devices). It summarises, and compares, the characteristics of professional users and lay users, suggesting that designers pay attention to user characteristics and the context of use so as to better address user perceptions and meet user needs.
ISBN: 978-1-905000-80-7
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