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Title: Finite-dimensional perturbations of linear operators and some applications to boundary integral equations
Authors: Mikhailov, SE
Keywords: Linear operators; Perturbation; Resolvent; Spectrum; Eigenspace; Boundary integral equations; Elasticity
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. 23 (10) 805-813
Abstract: Finite-dimensional perturbing operators are constructed using some incomplete information about eigen-solutions of an original and/or adjoint generalized Fredholm operator equation (with zero index). Adding such a perturbing operator to the original one reduces the eigen-space dimension and can, particularly, lead to an unconditionally and uniquely solvable perturbed equation. For the second kind Fredholm operators, the perturbing operators are analyzed such that the spectrum points for an original and the perturbed operators coincide except a spectrum point considered, which can be removed for the perturbed operator. A relation between resolvents of original and perturbed operators is obtained. Effective procedures are described for calculation of the undetermined constants in the right-hand side of an operator equation for the case when these constants must be chosen to satisfy the solvability conditions not written explicitly. Implementation of the methods is illustrated on a boundary integral equation of elasticity.
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