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Title: Developing a quality assurance model for small military institutions
Authors: Bahzad, Y
Irani, Z
Keywords: Quality assurance, Education and training, Higher education / further education, Information system.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: EMCIS
Citation: Proceedings of the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Dubai, 25-26 May
Abstract: Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) has a limited manpower, land to manoeuvre and resources. This reason has led the researcher to investigate the effective dimensions of discovering a model for quality assurance in higher education within a military context in Bahrain to compensate for these limitations. The research seeks to assess, through a case study how newly established education institute such as Royal Command and Staff College (RCSC) adapt and assimilates quality assurance systems. Using action research techniques, this case study analyses continual conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of quality assurance actions over time. The cyclical process through time involves development of a model of quality assurance systems, implementation and evaluation. The study covers the period of the training years 2005/ 2006 to 2006/ 2007. Owing to the nature of this research and study of the complexity of organizational behaviour and change with active intervention, a case study design is adopted. This research approach involves a triangulation of multiple research designs, methods and analysis, which comprise Action Research Group Process, Survey Instruments (questionnaires), and Focus Group Interviews. The study finds that a strategic model of quality implementation emerges as a response to the inputs from the dynamic environment, the aspects of which are particularly ascertained by the actions of committed instructors.
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