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Title: Overcoming restrictive technologies in police call centres: A human agency perspective
Authors: Papazafeiropoulou, A
Spinelli, G
Sharma, B
Keywords: Human Agency,Ccall centres, Command and Control rooms, Police, Restrictive
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: EMCIS
Citation: Proceedings of the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Dubai, 25-26 May
Abstract: Call centres in the police force are restrictive information systems which tend to present call operators with constraints that they need to overcome using their experience in order to offer better services to the public. This paper is looking at how elements of human agency come in to play and help users’ enactment against restrictive technologies. Information systems research on human agency has been mainly focused on the examination of whether agency lies within human or machines or both while in this paper we take a different approach and we clearly describe how human agency is enacted in practice. We use empirical data from contact centres and operational rooms of five UK police forces. After extensive observations we present how police call handlers manipulate digital information efficiently through human agency. The theoretical framework is based on the three elements of agency theory (iteration, projectivity and practical evaluation) The research findings assert that call handlers overcome the restrictions of the system by forming human-digital networks and using mental structures from their past experience in order to cope with the task at hand. The paper concludes by drawing implications for theory and practice and suggests future research directions.
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