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Title: Slowly driven sandpile formation with granular mixtures
Authors: Head, DA
Rodgers, GJ
Keywords: Statistical Mechanics
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: Phys. Rev. E 56: 1976–1980, 1997
Abstract: We introduce a one-dimensional sandpile model with $N$ different particle types and an infinitesimal driving rate. The parameters for the model are the N^2 critical slopes for one type of particle on top of another. The model is trivial when N=1, but for N=2 we observe four broad classes of sandpile structure in different regions of the parameter space. We describe and explain the behaviour of each of these classes, giving quantitative analysis wherever possible. The behaviour of sandpiles with N>2 essentially consists of combinations of these four classes. We investigate the model's robustness and highlight the key areas that any experiment designed to reproduce these results should focus on.
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