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Title: Degree distributions of growing networks
Authors: Krapivsky, PL
Rodgers, GJ
Redner, S
Keywords: Statistical mechanics;Disordered systems and neural networks;Adaptation and self-organizing systems
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Phys Rev Lett. 86(23): 5401-4, Jun 2001
Abstract: The in-degree and out-degree distributions of a growing network model are determined. The in-degree is the number of incoming links to a given node (and vice versa for out-degree. The network is built by (i) creation of new nodes which each immediately attach to a pre-existing node, and (ii) creation of new links between pre-existing nodes. This process naturally generates correlated in- and out-degree distributions. When the node and link creation rates are linear functions of node degree, these distributions exhibit distinct power-law forms. By tuning the parameters in these rates to reasonable values, exponents which agree with those of the web graph are obtained.
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