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Title: Nucleation and phase selection in undercooled melts: Magnetic alloys of industrial relevance (MAGNEPHAS)
Authors: Löser, W
Hermann, R
Woodcock, TG
Fransaer, J
Krivilyov, M
Granasy, L
Pusztai, T
Tóth, GI
Herlach, DM
Holland-Moritz, D
Kolbe, M
Volkmann, T
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Japan Society of Microgravity Application
Citation: Journal of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application. 25(3)
Abstract: Studies of phase selection and microstructure evolution in high-performance magnetic materials are an urgent need for optimization of production routes. Containerless solidification experiments by electromagnetic levitation and drop tube solidification were conducted in undercooled melts of Fe-Co, Fe-Ni soft magnetic, and Nd-Fe-B hard magnetic alloys. Melt undercooling under microgravity was achieved in the TEMPUS facility during parabolic flight campaigns. For Fe-Co and Fe-Ni alloys significant effects of microgravity on metastable phase formation were discovered. Microstructure modifications as well as metastable phase formation as function of undercooling and melt flow were elucidated in Nd-Fe-B. Modeling of solidification processes, fluid flow and heat transfer provide predictive tools for microstructure engineering from the melt. They were developed as a link between undercooling experiments under terrestrial and microgravity conditions and the production routes of magnetic materials.
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Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)

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