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Title: An investigation and a proposal for handover decision-making in DVB-H
Authors: Yang, X D
Song, Y H
Owens, T J
Cosmas, J
Itagaki, T
Keywords: DVB-H; Handover; Power consumption
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit
Citation: 14th IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit. Dresden, Germany, 19-22 June 2005.
Abstract: Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds (DVB-H) is a standard for broadcasting TV like IP data content to portable devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops, etc. Handover in unidirectional broadcasting networks is a novel issue. Since making accurate handover decisions can reduce the battery power consumed, this paper proposes and investigates different strategies that can assist the handover decision-making process in DVB-H networks. The benefits and drawbacks of the different algorithms are presented. A hybrid handover decision-making algorithm is proposed. Future research directions for handover in DVB-H are suggested.
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