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Title: Development of a project level performance measurement model for improving collaborative design team work
Authors: Yin, Y
Qin, SF
Holland, R
Keywords: Collaborative design;Performance management;Role-based task analysis;3D performance measurement modeling;Design management
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design. Xi'an, China, 16-18 April 2008. pp. 135 - 140.
Abstract: This research explored a new direction of improving collaborative design by performance measurement. More specifically, a novel 3-dimensional performance measurement model is developed and the purpose of this model is to help project managers improve team collaboration by indicating strengths and weaknesses of team members during the project development process. Considering the complexity of collaborative design work, a multiple criteria model is proposed to reflect the design dynamics, which highlights five performance indicators: efficiency, effectiveness, collaboration, management skills and innovation. These five indicators are mostly influenced by role-based performance measurement criteria (the second dimension). Design and development process (time) is also considered (the third dimension). This 3D model allows all involved design participants to measure work performance at any time during the product development process. In order to develop this model, the role-based task analysis and industrial survey methods were utilized. Three groups of role-based product design and development performance measurement criteria were identified for measuring design performance of the top managers, middle managers and individual designers in a project team. A 3-dimensional performance measurement method was proposed to calculate final performance scores from a performance measurement matrix. The proposed model was evaluated as a tool which can support project managers to reduce potential design and collaboration risks and increase confidence in decision-making process. The model has been discussed on implementing in a web-based application for measuring design performance throughout the product design and development process.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-1650-9
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