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Title: Finite aperture Fraunhofer holograms of two co-planar discs
Authors: Hobson, PR
Raouf, A
Keywords: Holography;Diffraction;In-line hologram;Metrology
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Proceedings of SPIE. 1732(1993): 663-676
Abstract: In this paper we present a theoretical model describing the real images replayed from finite aperture Fraunhofer holograms of two identical co-planar objects. We have solved numerically the resulting image equations for the case of two circular disc objects, and compare our predictions with experimental measurements from in-line Fraunhofer holograms recorded on silver-halide emulsions. Three measurement criteria for calculating the disc diameters and separation are described, and their errors discussed. It is found experimentally that a criterion based on average intensity results in the smallest errors due to its insensitivity to the effects of coherent noise.
ISSN: 0-8194-0905-7
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