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Title: Off-axis transmission holographic system for recording aquatic particles
Authors: Krantz, EP
Watson, J
Hobson, PR
Lampitt, RS
Rogerson, A
Keywords: Holography;Holographic;Off-axis hologram;Aquatic;Particle;Aberration
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Proceedings of SPIE. 2774(1996): 189-198
Abstract: We describe a holographic system for recording particles suspended in water. The hologram plate is located in air, separated from the test tank by an air/glass/water boundary. The holographic emulsion is therefore unaffected by adverse aquatic conditions within the tank (i.e. surface contamination, non-uniform swelling). The design geometry is intended to minimise the aberrations that arise from recording subjects located in water and replaying their hologram image in air. Third order aberrations, most crucially spherical aberration and astigmatism, are suppressed to give an experimental resolution of 7 lp/mm using USAF 1951 target in water 600mm from the boundary. Particles (plankton species) in the sub-millimeter to several millimeters size range are observed at planar sections within the recording volume by visual inspection of the hologram replayed in real image mode.
ISSN: 0-8194-2159-6
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