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Title: Derivation of near-optimal pump schedules for water distribution by simulated annealing
Authors: McCormick, G
Powell, R S
Keywords: simulated annealing;scheduling;optimization;water networks
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Palgrave
Citation: Journal of the Operational Research Society. 55, 728—736.
Abstract: The scheduling of pumps for clean water distribution is a partially discrete non-linear problem with many variables. The scheduling method described in this paper typically produces costs within 1% of a linear program-based solution, and can incorporate realistic non-linear costs that may be hard to incorporate in linear programming formulations. These costs include pump switching and maximum demand charges. A simplified model is derived from a standard hydraulic simulator. An initial schedule is produced by a descent method. Two-stage simulated annealing then produces solutions in a few minutes. Iterative recalibration ensures that the solution agrees closely with the results from a full hydraulic simulation.
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