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Title: A comparison of structured and unstructured navigation through a CBT package
Authors: Stanton, NA
Stammers, RB
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Computers & Education. 15(1-3): 159-163.
Abstract: The advent of hypertext has opened up new possibilities in computer-based training. The design of courseware without any predetermined structure could make the designer's task easier, and allow greater flexibility for the trainee to structure the learning environment to suit their own learning style, This investigation was concerned with the exploration of performance differences in structured and unstructured training environments. In the structured condition, subjects encountered presequenced training and practice modules. For the unstructured condition, subjects determined their own sequence of modules. It was proposed that performance may be better in the unstructured condition. The findings indicate that this depends upon individual differences in cognitive style, some styles seemingly better at exploiting the unstructured learning environment than others.
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