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Title: A data extraction system for underwater particle holography
Authors: Nebrensky, JJ
Craig, G
Hobson, PR
Lampitt, RS
Nareid, H
Pescetto, A
Trucco, A
Watson, J
Keywords: Holography;Particle-field holography;Marine organisms;Data extraction;Image analysis
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Proceedings of SPIE. 4076(2000) 120-129.
Abstract: Pulsed laser holography is an extremely powerful technique for the study of particle fields as it allows instantaneous, noninvasive high-resolution recording of substantial volumes. By replaying the real image one can obtain the size, shape, position and - if multiple exposures are made - velocity of every object in the recorded field. Manual analysis of large volumes containing thousands of particles is, however, an enormous and time-consuming task, with operator fatigue an unpredictable source of errors. Clearly the value of holographic measurements also depends crucially on the quality of the reconstructed image: not only will poor resolution degrade size and shape measurements, but aberrations such as coma and astigmatism can change the perceived centroid of a particle, affecting position and velocity measurements. For large-scale applications of particle field holography, specifically the in situ recording of marine plankton with 'HoloCam,' we have developed an automated data extraction system that can be readily switched between the in-line and off-axis geometries and provides optimised reconstruction from holograms recorded underwater. As a videocamera is automatically stepped through the 200 by 200 by 1000mm sample volume, image processing and object tracking routines locate and extract particle images for further classification by a separate software module.
ISSN: 0277-786X
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